180 – inch screen popular very no screen super TV bookings exceeds 20000 metres

hunting cloud network on April 29, news

according to very m science and technology vice-president wang lung, as of April 28, a first generation without TV screen super bookings have more than 20000 units, more than 2000 units in the supply of engineering machine.

very m the first domestic without reservation screen super TV over 20000

on April 24, m officially announced in Beijing science and technology, 2000 meters first generation without screen super TV engineering machine formally accept online booking in the day, and will delivery on May 15. Pre-sale prices also locked in 2999 yuan, the price also is ordinary sold 40 inch flat-panel TV prices.

according to the official introduction to extremely, the first generation of no super TV screen “screen” is not really no screen, but any prospective projection places using projection technology will become a 180 – inch large TV screens, break through the traditional television limited by the TV screen size.

wang lung, points out that both age of CRT and flat screen TV, TV screen is the most expensive TV, the Internet has changed the television industry, makes set-top box + display industry standard, rice science and technology innovation of the projection technology and combine to a smart TV chip technology, developed the first generation of meters without super TV screen, “save” at the same time the monitor project has 30-300 inches large size screen.

“extremely m no maximum projection screen super TV size is 300 inches, 30 inches minimum projection TV screen, a 180 – inch formulation is given that most Chinese families living room wall area is not only a limited amount of”, he said.

besides far beyond ordinary flat TV screen size, the first generation of very m no screen super 3 d effect is the television commercial 3 d smart TV, and can achieve the perfect fusion of mobile phone screen and projection screen, can realize the function of on ordinary smart TV, in a very m first generation without screen can completely realize the super on TV.

as we have learned, now on the market size of more than 80 inches of liquid crystal TV price is generally more than 100000 yuan, and the projection 30-300 inches of the first generation of no super TV screen 2999 yuan price even less than the fraction, high performance-to-price ratio also attracted many domestic TV, especially like watching movies at home users alike.

as of April 28, bookings has topped 20000, and extremely meters without screen super television the only sold 2000 engineering machine, this means that the reservation for tens of thousands of users will be put on sale can only wait for the second round.

decoding a meter: a crowd of geeks no screen TV dream

20000 bookings, even for those famous TV brand, is also a big challenge, but extremely meters as a new smart TV brand can be so success, the other a lot of the personage inside course of study.

but in my opinion, m’s success is no accident.

the author once and including m technologies CEO Zhong Bo thorough exchange, entrepreneurial team members very m first-generation no screen super TV launch, popular, in addition to the product by the traditional TV screen is not big enough, the volume is too big is not convenient to put the bedroom “pain points and initiated a 30-300 inches large screen outside the blue ocean market very m the geek spirit of entrepreneurial teams fixation is very m the most fundamental guarantee of success, also let a m this emerging startups break the barrier of the traditional TV strongmen, even become” tesla “in the field of television.

taobao intelligent projector, can search to more than 150 different taobao shop, compared with them, m not the first to do, but is undoubtedly the most attentively to do, the heart also very meters from the more traditional areas of “intelligent projector” stand out, also let a truly no super TV screen for rice products.

a m, including Zhong Bo core r&d team members, r&d engineers are MSTAR television system chips, so the meters in defining the product are smart TV direction to define, extremely meters with most leading TV program, but in the choice using LCD or plasma display output, or other do very m choice is different.

“TV is home appliance, in most people, television sets and refrigerators, washing machines, now it’s home, even if it a place, even if we see less and less.” Zhong Bo said: “but in fact is the need of other consumers, they need a equipment can easily without thinking to look at the big screen TV, TV, TV dramas and variety shows; Everyone back to the bedroom at home after the meal, don’t want to stay in the sitting room hovel, and many young people don’t have a sitting room or Shared living room, they are renting, only the bedroom, he needs a big screen, he also needed when not in use, this thing don’t take a place, he needs to move away easily, he needs to have more usage scenarios rather than a fixed do decoration “there.

so very m gave up technology is more easy to implement on the LCD screen, and use the projection technology to realize the large screen, extremely meters without screen it was super TV will not only satisfy the people high quality large screen TV needs to see a movie, and mobility. And on taobao LED intelligent projector manufacturers, most of them are no preparation for product, are fake micro projection plus a pseudo smart android stick, stick a card in the sale, the product in the experience and future upgrades are not guaranteed, and extremely meters without screen super TV is two directions, different levels of product.

, for example, a m no screen super TV from two years ago the concept is proposed and implemented, in two years time, just be very m called uconsole software system, an iterative every two weeks, have experienced 50 times of iteration. This is just a very m team honed a microcosm of products, there are many such examples.

such as to make the projection image quality is better, to achieve the effect of liquid crystal display, meters and TI TI in graphics algorithms, such as dynamic contrast algorithm, overlamp brightness increases in aspects of doing a lot of research and development cooperation. Combining TI Texas instruments DLP technology, m combined with its own technical advantages, combined with TV chip some advantages in the aspect of image processing, such as dynamic noise reduction, the adjustment of the seven primary color, color correction, dynamic brightness, etc., the first generation of extremely meters without super TV screen in the image quality has infinite close to the traditional LCD screen.

because these cumulative details, let m in grinding product 2 years, in their own website and BBS to accumulate a lot of core fans. Outsiders see very m calls their products no super TV screen, thought very m playing concept, actually don’t know meters from the underlying drivers to video processing, based on the depth of the android optimization, extremely meters have invested a lot of manpower and time to optimize, every time iteration to achieve extremely slowly rice vermicelli recognition and praise.

in the same way, a meter into the market is very cautious, although in 2013 is the zhongguancun online editor named recommended products, but extremely meters after five times more rice vermicelli closed test, each time the number of hundreds, gradual improvement, the final product is relatively mature market. So, very meters without screen super TV came out of the first generation, there are a lot of fans in the obligation to help propaganda, spread of word of mouth. It didn’t have a reservation for a large number of users. Three days is more than twenty thousand reservation number, the unit price of 2999 products, is also a great achievement.

however, extremely meters is a long way to go, very m no screen super TV only provide 2000 units, the first sale that extremely meters also need to strengthen in the supply chain, facing the May 15 launch, m estimates and will be scold do hunger marketing people. The author also hope very m arranging production supply chain smoothly and quickly to meet the demand of users to buy as soon as possible, otherwise the empress is a booking but not rob the ridicule complain of users.