180 inch TV as long as 2999 yuan of millet were shaking?

on April 25, hunting cloud network news

hunting cloud network has the scoop sichuan company will launch a price of less than 5000 yuan more than 100 inch super smart TV, whispering caused the industry. In the afternoon of April 24, and finally the dust settles, the enterprise is not changhong sichuan, but new science and technology enterprises, chengdu m science and technology, the technology newly announced its latest very m no super TV screen in the first generation of formal at the end of April to consumers to book and locking retail price 2999 yuan in the future. And it is also the world’s first production of the TV screen.

a m launch no super TV screen: 30-300 – inch screen TV

according to the official version to extremely, extremely meters without screen super launched by television is not real no screen, but innovative projection technology and smart TV chip together, the television images projected onto the family on the wall of the sitting room, so as to obtain 180 – inch giant display screen.

a m CEO Zhong Bo has made it clear that science and technology, “‘ no super TV screen is not very m ‘no screen, but is a place where any available for projection into the screen, break through the traditional TV screen size is limited by screen size”. He points out, a m no maximum projection screen super TV size is 300 inches, 30 inches minimum projection TV screen, a 180 – inch formulation is given that most Chinese families sitting room area is not only a limited amount of walls.

at the scene found no screen super TV experience extremely m, mobile meters without screen super TV, as long as the content quality assured (very support 1080 p format), projection screen can free switch between 30-300 inches long, with high quality sound system, the effect that can create a home theater in the sitting room.

a meters without screen smart TV 3 d imaging effect after blasting ordinary 3 d flat TV

it is understood that a m first generation without screen super TV screen is not alone a single selling point, the 3 d imaging effect is also happy: at the scene of the extremely meters without screen super TV experience, rice products and a famous brand smart TV comparing 3 d test, in terms of brightness, contrast, image clarity, both are very much; But in the 3 d effect on the performance, extremely meters without screen super significantly more three-dimensional sense of reality TV, more visual wallop, completely without trailing ghosting.

in addition, and rice field of science and technology personnel is also demonstrated by m phone APP software to control the TV, playing video games, and many other external handle fresh style, although these can be achieved on the part of the smart TV, but when you are faced with more than 100 inches display screen, the visual impact and presence is stronger.

a meters without screen super TV will leather whose life?

at present, in the field of smart TV competition is fierce, in addition to the traditional TV industry giants changhong, TCL, skyworth, hisense, also attracted many Internet companies, including music, millet, to join the game, the computer giant lenovo company join makes this stage competition reached its climax.

recently, lenovo has released the first 50 inch 4 k smart TV integrated, priced at $4999 + $399, of which 399 yuan as the lenovo cloud cinema 12 months service. On April 9, joy as TV also released its first 50 inch 4 k smart TV X50Air, + 980 yuan price 2999 yuan, 980 yuan for miniaturization: a TV version of the 24 months service charge. Within two weeks, two giant detonated the battle of 50 inch smart TV.

happy view and associations in consumers’ demand of high performance/price ratio, and an important part of the reason is that, because of the level of 50 inches television, like a sharp, samsung, philips and other foreign manufacturers selling price as high as 89000 commonly, domestic manufacturers in general, pricing in LiuQiQian yuan.

Letv three thousand yuan price positioning by consumers nicknamed the television industry the conscience. But joy was quickly depending on the conscience of the price extremely m no super TV screen refresh.

each time the TV mainstream TV brand price list

30-300 – inch screen switch range, 2999 yuan price shock, now with the price of the best 3 d effect, the first generation of rich geek spirit very m no super TV screen by many in the industry, many of the personage inside course of study will be regarded as television “tesla,” or will change the way people watch TV.

this time, the traditional TV producers are leather Letv, lenovo, millet, whether to feel extremely m the breath of the upstart challenger?