20 restore Android function to extract the factory? 40000 user photo!

the global famous antivirus software vendors, Android phones in the recovery after they leave, still can use public technology, restore its phones before storing user data. This means that Android users want to reset the phones, is to solve the problem of privacy concerns is self-deception.

Avast investigation team in eBay bought 20 second-hand Android smartphones. These devices before the sale has returned to the factory. Unfortunately, investigators or from these phones, easily “extract” as many as 40000 photos and images. Including 250 zhang man naked self-portraits, 250, 750 e-mails and instant messages contact information, original mobile phone user identity information, and the loan application.

“restore the factory is only at the application level, erasing a user information”. Avast CEO Jude McColgan said in an interview, they only through open technical means, to obtain the above user privacy.

in contrast, the iOS due to user account with strict protection mechanism, and not in the above problems.

the irony is, after Google chairman Eric schmidt said publicly: “compared to iOS, Android system more secure.