2014 Google I/O points: his living, and all his car watch four mobile TV platform

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Google Google I/O developer conference in Beijing time on June 26, held in San Francisco in the morning, the theme of “design, development, and channels,” Google at the conference said a little bit of what?

Google released Android platform: One reference target low-cost market

Google I/O developers conference in 2014 released Android One platform, which is developed by Google and mobile phone hardware manufacturers low-priced Android projects, to complete the next billion growth.

Google Android One platform, the main high configuration and low cost, can be used as a cheap Android phone makers reference template. Hardware support dual SIM card, and expanding microSD card, 4.5 -inch screen, support FM radio, and for less than $100.

software, Android One using existing Android allows handset manufacturers and operators to increase their own applications, support automatic updates.

new Android operating system, called the “L”

the system adopt new design language, color more and more simple, and the default open ART coding, will be officially launched in the fall.

the Android platform is known as the “L” a new generation of design, provides 5000 new software interface, the biggest change is known as “material design” design language, including a new Gmail interface, more simple Android application icon button, more fruity and new system font. New function “palette”, can help developers automatic configuration picture color to match its UI.

new notice in the ordering of the lock screen interface display, similar to iOS, every notice list displays in strip way, the user can slide or double-click rapid directly into the relevant applications. In addition, Google also introduced new floating notice patterns, such as user calls frequently in playing games, and interface will not jump out of the game, but the pop-up card notice, you can choose to answer also can hang up to continue the game.

Android L can also set the location, bluetooth devices, or voice trusted, so eligible users can directly using the unnecessary input PIN and graphics.

Android L another big change is that the mobile browser side, according to the Chrome controller introduces, every day there are at least 300 million active users using a mobile version of Chrome. New mobile web client search results can use the same “material design” design language, and the animation look like native applications, support for 60 seconds per frame. And Google search to join the application in the search, such as searching a mall will provide access to Google maps as a result, may click directly into the application.

the new system default with ART coding, and completely compatible with 64 mobile processors, adopts the precompiled method will make the Android system run more smoothly, launch applications faster and is almost twice the previous Dalvik. In Android 4.4, first introduced ART coding, users only need to enter the developer options manually open. New system also provides a new power-saving mode, by shutting down unnecessary services extend the standby up to 90 minutes.

an Android Auto vehicle system

Google I/O developers conference in 2014, the system is similar to apple CarPlay, support and voice information navigation, music, and other functions, interface display CARDS using Google Now, official version synchronization with Android mobile phone system L will launch.

Google Android Auto car system, support for navigation, interactive, and music, are displayed in the control CARDS like Google Now. On-board system everything from mobile phones, compatible with car steering wheel button.

users can directly use Google maps, and carries on the search and navigation by voice, consistent with cell phone use experience. When there is a new message arrived, the speech, automatically and the user can also directly reply via voice.

Google will provide developers soon Android SDK of Auto development tools to help developers better development automobile related applications, and open the audio and the API interface information. At present, Pandora, Songza, services, and most cerebral sci-film In various applications such as Radio has the perfect fit.

Android Auto official version as Android L in officially launched later this year.

Android Wear smart watch system to

the system realizes the real-time synchronization of mobile and watches status. The new system will be applied to the samsung Gear Live smart watches and MOTOROLA 360, will be open book later today.

Android update Wear mainly includes the interface colors, notify the switching action, voice interaction and mobile interactions with the watch. In the Demo, when the user to see the new notice, raise watches, interface will be changed from black and white to color. Sliding interface to realize the information switch, level, the slide for details, modify, and back and can ignore the notice.

in terms of speech interaction, the user can use the voice is set in a specific time to do certain things. Ok, for example, Google, remind me when I get home to check email.

Android Wear which can realize real-time interaction of mobile and watches. Users can watch tell phone to remind, the phone automatically trigger the action; At the same time when you ignore a notice on the watch, it will disappear automatically on mobile phones. ; Through the watch to search, search results will display on your mobile phone. In addition, whether a semicircle caller id prompt answer, ignore the sliding interface calls.

at the same time, when you download an application on your phone, it will automatically download and update on the watch.

in addition, for developers, the Android SDK of Wear mainly include establishing the UI and control sensors, voice instructions, etc., allows developers to write programs can be directly applied on the watch.

Google survey shows that people view the Android mobile phone about 125 times a day, and the Android Wear will greatly reduce the number of times.

released Android TV TV applications

the application running in Android L system, interface similar to the TV box, support the application extension, can be controlled by smart watches, will be officially launched in the fall.

Google an Android TV application, running on the new Android operating system, L can television output via HDMI connection. Main interface support at the top position show is broadcast performances and movie. Card and multimedia resources to display, the interface is very concise and straightforward, jumping and bright colours.

Android TV extensible third-party applications and games, and users can also through the adoption of the Android Wear system intelligent watch Android TV operation.

Android TV compatible with many processors, developers can go to download developer.android.com/TV ADT1 development related applications. Android TV is currently only available in the Android L system, so the official version also officially launched until L years later, including brands like SONY, sharp, philips, 2015 HD smart TV, 4 k, will support Android TV.