2014 robot soccer World Cup will kick off!

cloud network hunting, July 24,

RoboCup is an annual robot soccer competition, in order to promote the development of robot technology, the World Cup has brought together hundreds of thousands of people, through the game, crowned champion of RoboCup robot. This year, the world-class robot football feast will be held in Brazil’s joao peja o.

RoboCup robot World Cup competition was founded in 1997, its goal is to create a robot soccer team, beat the 2050 World Cup champions, though so far no any robot team preparing for human’s soccer game, but the industry has improved dramatically since the game started.

this year’s robot World Cup matches will be held from July 21 to 25. Have team from 45 countries and regions took part in this year’s competition.

team will participate in different types of games, divided into different size of the robot and robot part of the structure. Humanoid robots will be grouped into youth system, youth and adult teams, while the rest of the team will not limit the robot’s design and style.

humanoid robot league is the most difficult, because first robot must be able to keep its balance and stability. Game: each team consists of two to five robot, of ten minutes per game is divided into two halves.

since RoboCup robot World Cup held for the first time, through the processor and the robot to form the processing speed of ascension, have been able to let the robot match the pace of rapid, more let a person see human actual football from the robot contest.

in 1997, only 38 teams in the competition; In this year, however, has more than 150 teams compete. Robots and buy operating robot platform cost has decreased in the past 17 years, this means that there will be more team to join this year to the robot competition for the World Cup.

RoboCup is going to become a team to share ideas and thoughts between BBS, and helped to create a breakthrough in the field of robotics research, at the same time, this is also a sports competition.

the game until the title was announced, the robot must be secret between team operation adjust their software and hardware to gain competition advantage.

After the

all game, each team need to publish the work they do; The aim is to encourage participants to develop better robots.