2048: success and failure of the game

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2048 is nowadays a like Flappy Brid phenomenal work, the rules of the game is simple, but such as Flappy Bird as players is difficult to release. If not by counter attack in leather corporation, the author Gabriele Cirulli may also become nguyen, east second.

the work in my mind is usually a challenge quality educational class work. With early ds platform right brain development series, and PSV platform well-known NIKORI the height of the classic puzzle series, and is of no challenge, once get a grip, the author by 10 times tried to get the full marks. But as a successful work, there are many places worth said. The first two are involved in the game skills, not interested readers can jump off.

1 combined numerical theory limit?

the rules of the game is very simple: the grid space will be one of the 4 * 4 digital blocks constantly in the direction of the up and down or so four accumulation, each operation will generate a new number in the blanks (2 or 4), the same numerical digital blocks in one place can merge together. With each turn the player to be through the heap and gradually eliminate the merge the figures to the 2048 blasting machine can be reached.

I wonder if there are players think score limit how much is the game theory, as a puzzle game, this kind of problem is a problem because of the core of the first to explore. The game because I add merged, so a number can only be 2 N (2 ^ N).

and the last successful synthesis of 16 case number should be (2 ^ 16, 2 ^ 15… 2 ^ 2, 4 (the final random Numbers from the 4)), 16 within the space of 4 * 4, therefore, possible synthesis theory of the maximum value is 2 ^ 17.

2 proficient in 10 minutes?

the basic tips very simple game, the largest number into a corner pile and should not be moved easily. At the same time try to get figures from two dimensions according to the size.

huge number after the late, can choose a dimension large Numbers as far as possible to the one dimension consolidation, space for activities. At the same time easy to eliminate the dislocation of large Numbers.

3 “constipation” game?

merge doesn’t make the board value increases, the total numerical board only through sliding operation adds a 2 or 4 at a time. Therefore reached 2048 (mastery blasting machine probability is very high) need 1000-2000 operations, takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

short animation of the circle will be 3 minutes long as instant noodles, the length is slightly short called instant noodles is not ripe, time slightly long called instant noodles. According to this way of classification, can will be attributed to the constipation.

the game need to focus on, is not suitable for walking (easy to bump a tree) and bus (get) experience, so the best game scene also just constipated when toilet

4 game problems with thinking

as the largest number, each level increases, the time needed for the geometric order of magnitude achievement increase speed also will abate, in traditional gaming platform, this is the big fear of game design. With the increase of the player fatigue, giving players a sense of accomplishment must be more rather than less. The author probably it is successful for 10 weeks mesh cap 2048, estimated to complete this manuscript can also uninstall the game.

game worth promoted many details, such as numerical value beyond a certain threshold to please the screen for reward, the higher the reward the more generous.

every item need to more than 30 minutes a week does not conform to the nature of the fragments of time. In spite of his flaws, of course, no amount of problem does not block the player addiction.


: again a few days ago, touch the company reported the game copying and change of skin. “2048,” except for game industry brings the perverse incentives didn’t bring any positive value, tour market most probably don’t need hand in addition to money is probably such human comedy.