3 d printing technology, nipple to mastectomy women

in the past three years as the chief executive officer of TeVido, Laura Bosworth, most of the time talking about the female breast disease, especially the nipple disease. The company focus on the study of human tissue and 3 d printing, and transplant the technology used to regenerate the skin and fat, she has been studying how can these new products can benefit from cancer survivors. For those who survived breast cancer women, those breast surgery to remove the body of damage could be very serious.

TeVido company committed to the development of skin and fat transplantation of 3 d printing, this technology is using a patient’s own fat and skin cells. The first products of the company is specialized research and development for breast surgery to repair a nipple, also hope to expand their products of the company, however, contain a series of fat transplantation for medical or cosmetic products.

TeVido company recently chose one of the 20 startup attended the Martha and Kozo Shimano business enabler. Earlier this year, to be exact, may TeVido Austin company was rated as one of the most popular company. And in July, the company won the TechCrunch, a One – Minute Pitch – Off.

Bosworth as early as in 2010 has ended a 20-year career in dell company, and began to set foot in nipple 3 d printing project. Finally, in her beautiful home at the university of Texas, El Paso began to work with the entrepreneurs of the Austin. Dr Is at that time she met Thomas Boland, she regarded Thomas Boland Dr As the ancestor of “biological printing technology”. She thinks that Thomas Boland Dr Achievements made her very shocked.

“to be honest, I was shocked, now like to still get goose bumps.” She described Thomas Boland Dr Technology.

in 2011, she and Dr Boland has created is committed to the further development of 3 d printing TeVido biological equipment company, and since then she has been the study of human tissue of 3 d printing market. She estimated that all kinds of products of the TeVido will at least $6 billion, and this is only a conservative estimate.

she tells a reporter, every time I discuss with plastic surgeons transplant, and try to think of other USES fat transplantation. The most recent example of this is on how to remove a scar in chemical therapy. Maybe in the future there will always be one day we can take a large enough fat transplantation, can even do a small breast implants. We can customize the size of the breast, breast even complexion.

TeVido proposal to achieve this goal, a woman in the fat and skin cells to create fat transplantation and nipples, and save them in a suitable environment, make they can live normal, and don’t need to make again in time of need.

she said that we first begin from nipples, because small nipples convenient operation. But as technology matures, we can do in the future more fat transplant, this will have great potential. And at the same time said: “in the future, leg and hip implants also is very possible.”

in addition to the nipple related products, TeVido is also focused on small fat transplantation, the operation is done for a mastectomy. Breast reconstruction surgery requires a number of steps and restoring female nipples may is one of the most difficult part for operation. Surgery has developed so far used to reconstruct the original shape, nipple skin also have by implanted implant, adding color through the tattoo. Associated with these problem solution, the operation can solve including nipple shed sag and tattoos, at the same time also have implants with defects.

TeVido laboratory has completed the first round of tests, this test is based on a donation of $150000 from the national science foundation project. At the same time the company also hopes to receive from the national institutes of health research fund, the fund can be used in the second phase of the experiment test. Currently TeVido is seeking more funding sources.

once TeVido have enough money to start the next round of lab test, Bosworth said the team can begin to determine the test specific skin cell’s recent distance, how much is needed in every transplant fat cells. TeVido can usually ideal parameters of optimal value and the most stable product attributes. She said that the final product will not appear on the market within five years, during which TeVido need to do is keep on laboratory tests and clinical trials, and then wait for the FDA’s approval.

although medical supplies business of the company’s business to become rich road could still have a long way to go, Bosworth said talking with breast cancer survival in patients with gave her enough inspiration and motivation to continue doing it. She said: “this project is dangerous, but if it can be developed and put into use, we can change the quality of life for millions of people.”

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