360 can really cure harassing phone calls? Can…… But I have a concern

“the afternoon of May 19, China’s largest Internet security vendor 360, the world’s largest mobile phone security software by users 360 mobile guards joint crystal report, legal evening news, Shanghai morning metropolis daily, southern metropolis daily, channel and so on more than 50 domestic mainstream media, officially announced the formation of Chinese mobile alliance against harassment against fraud, using 360 cities of the world’s leading mobile security technology and the national authority the linkage of the media advantage, 500 million cell phone users hand in hand together, declared war on harassing phone calls, and officially launched 519 mobile public interest action.

the public welfare action through mobile phones against harassment against fraud alliance, service and two security fraud to compensate first, upgrade edition 360 mobile guards, 10, 400 cities free phone, online expert outpatient service at any time in response to the three measures, such as help China mobile users thoroughly solve the problem of mobile security.”

this is one of the most popular news today. 360 mobile phone security TV to harassment, fraud calls a declaration of war. Is the 360 security guards (PC) declared war on rogue plug-ins.

look at the composition of the alliance against harassment against fraud: 360 + traditional media. There is only one core with 360 oneself, use of technology and data is 360. Why do you want to draw the traditional media? Hope to play a role of their publicity and enlightenment of all beings, the education of users, especially those who are still in the user reading the newspaper. Because it is reading the newspaper, must be the best target group telephone harassment and fraud. In the era of mobile Internet, of course, in fact, traditional media have a need to be a group of people to educate.

I believe 360 can eradicate harassing phone calls

why so confident?

is not, of course, because I am a computer fan, a small white 360 is based on the rational analysis of the product. Is the mobile Internet, cloud computing and big data.

so much the three words, what is the relationship between the harassment?

the mobile Internet, that is, 360 mobile phone security guards.

two sides, cloud and big data is 360 cloud data combined with user tag number, joint implementation of telephone harassment, fraud found and broadcast the first time.


your phone rang. Picked it up and found 360 security guards tell you a total of 863 Internet users will be marked with this phone for advertising, will you answer?

your phone rang, and picked it up and found that 24 people annotate it as a liar. Do you still meet?

accidentally pick up a phone, found that is a real estate advertising. Security guard invite you marked. And you chose advertising. This data will be Shared with all security guards of the users.

the power of a single user is limited, but huge amounts of data on the user’s common form can greatly improve the user experience, to provide previously unimaginable products and services. 360 believe that “people power”, “where there is harassment there is resistance. Measured 500 million to 360 mobile phone users to install it to counterattack harassment seriously fraud phone, I think in the long run, a liar phone dial out a few will not be user according to the tag found throughout the country.

“as long as everyone sacrificed a little data, the world will become better human. Isn’t it?

unfounded: cloud is centralized

as long as everyone sacrificed a little data. My concern is out of here.

the cloud era is the era of centralized power. Power up in the air, and holding power of blood is data/information. Who have mastered the cloud server is mastered, now who have mastered the future right now.

ordinary users as the output of information, but don’t have big data processing capacity. Maybe before long, 360 say which number is harassing phone calls, which number is harassing phone calls.

it’s not a question of 360, of course, but the nature of cloud computing may go. All products have similar concerns related to the cloud. Opens the synchronization of cloud, a input method holds all of your keyboard input record. Chrome know all my web browsing history, saved passwords and form… Such products, abound.

“state of someone, sorrow collapse of heaven and earth, was killed by us, waste could not.”

my concerns, maybe just like the state of man. After all, the company is competing with each other, between free competition will produce benign mechanism, let enterprise can’t ignore the rights of ordinary users too. There is also a complex game, between individuals and businesses to have the opportunity to promote the generation of more transparent rules.

also have worrywarts, western North America more than 200 years ago there was a guy called franklin said:

“Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.”

but I still hope you don’t be disturbed harassing phone calls. So first put down concerns, to meet the Brave New World of cloud and big data.