360 mobile search: Zhou Hongyi play micro innovation

on June 3, 360 mobile search App finally was born. Reports show that 360 in the field of mobile search may not be as before, but quietly wide-ranging layout: 360, mobile phone assistant, secure desktop browser and other products are built into the 360 mobile search. In a sprawling 360 under the competition of mobile search and suppressed a big move this time? Product to speak.

search App: concise and fast

1, concise

from search App interface, 360 search did not take the card application design, the homepage is channel switch button and popular information Banner. This design under the background of 360 favorite green home page is more concise. At present, the 360 has news, video, game, q&a, pictures, maps, q&a, wallpaper and url in major search channel, channel for mainstream search coverage rate is higher. Is rather surprise novel temporarily haven’t provide this important channel.


on the interaction experience, can by voice, ICONS, floating ball, quick start search App to calculate its first big luminescent spot. Let users to enter search interface has been 360 do faster search one of the core idea, therefore in the PC launch of the “double control” search. 360 search App can be evoked in system level thanks to the 360 security aide, 360’s ability to control the Android desktop and other products. Is a detail, 360 search will directly into the input interface, after being in the input method has been directly call out, while other search App need to click on the input box will show the history and the input method.

search App from 360 the Slogan of “so search relic of great” can see the want to highlight the characteristics of fast search.

how do you ensure that fast? Search through and accumulated resources

in PC search contest three indicators: recall recall rate (also called), the relevant results as much as possible, it is largely dependent on index; Precision, the first page results can close to user needs; And the response time.

response time for the various search engines have almost perfectly, precision indicators to the core competition. In the mobile client, search engine competition requires two things: precision and response time. Pieces of mobile traffic limited, limited screen size, time is limited, the three limiting factors determine the quasi mobile search is a must; And pieces of time limited and mobile network co., LTD insist on search engine must respond as soon as possible, can’t become the bottleneck of the whole searching process node.

360 mobile search with PC and Shared a big background, the 360 search have more than 1 years of accumulation, so it will not be a problem in the response time, in fact, this also is not a search engine to the difference between indicators.

360 search key kung fu in the “precision”, mainly through direct search implementation: application of nonstop, content, services, nonstop, local resources. The so-called direct search, refers to the search results can be directly a search technology, consumer applications such as video is played, a key order, open the local application, etc., the ultimate goal is to reduce the jump.

direct search requirement is that the results should have enough correlation, search engines will dare to “bet” users need some results to direct them; The second is to have enough direct content, such as resources, applications, services and local application interface, etc. 360 which now has the largest repository, wallpaper, the number of video, bell and application industry ranked first.

subvert our innovation play hard, micro innovation

360 has been the model of whole, or in its involvement in various fields are was a late bloomer, such as security, distribution and PC application search. It makes it after several times to take “destructing subversive innovation” game, such as antivirus free, no search advertising, and so on. 360 on mobile search is difficult to play again subvert our innovation.

360 mobile search App more is in the existing search after the App to do some “innovation”, and more full of resources, for example, more concise interface, more direct, faster search, and so on. “More” is used to describe means that it is not particularly innovative.

if you use Chinese proverb to explain, 360 mobile search is “innovation”.

application search focus into differentiation within

360 search also highlight the search in the search and application. Specifically, 360 will be the application of information search web page to grab from present in the results page for download, and cooperation with some App developers, in turn, can search content within the application, application in the search results can be a key to jump to the results page. This is not the first, some of the competing goods already have similar technologies and products. While 360 claims that its access to some of the most used search within the App.

search have been considered in the mobile search of the new world. Because the URL on the mobile end of abdication, the App is becoming a information island. Lack of connection between applications, search engines can also be difficult to search within the App. Everybody wants to solve the problem, of course, apple has launched in recent WWDC2014 interconnectivity between new system interface help App. 360 search want third-party applications have access to their applications in search platform to break the iron curtain between App.

the only new ideas: App search

if we jump out of the 360 search App will find its way of thinking is very chic, even still Zhou Hongyi advocated by the shadow of “subversive innovation”.

360 search does not rely on an independent search App and its platform, and then continue to segmentation and launch multiple vertical search App, but will search ability into the existing various App, such as browser, 360 security desktop, mobile phone assistant, mobile guards and so on. The App itself is not in the traditional sense of the search App, search is at best a function.

360 train of thought is to them as the search engine’s diversion entrance. In the eyes of many, only the browser can carry such a role. Application distribution, security client with general search hard together. 360 is doing the opposite, let all the App search box to be a universal search. Especially in particular, the application distribution should be only search App, but 360 makes it can search everything. Such a strategy to help 360 quickly established a mobile search traffic, and can meet the demand of users’ search anywhere, anytime. Search in the main application and application to 360, with 360 mobile phone assistant combining site. Peas have think that, in this year transition entertainment on mobile search.

360 ideas of mobile search increasingly clear: mobile search App is just one of them, through the tie all 360 App turns into a mobile search channels, diversion for mobile search, and through a series of minimally invasive new improving mobile search experience, simple, fast and direct, the ultimate aim is to leave users, improve search traffic.

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