360 trip to the new hardware Will push with NAS TV box?

hunting cloud network May 7

yesterday afternoon, 360 held a conference, officially launched its hardware products: 360 security routing. With a 360 strong function: security. What the wifi password brute force, visitors and family network isolation and so on to your router and safe! Special also don’t have a new idea to join a maternal and infant mode (can choose wifi signal strength), try to reduce the radiation harm to human body wireless signal.

in mini than millet router configuration. 360 security routing using the latest qualcomm dual-core solutions, 802.11 to 2.4 Hz ac technology, 5 GHZ and double-frequency concurrency, can avoid the interference, wireless transmission rate is as high as 1167 megabits per second, compared with the previous three times faster. Built-in qualcomm enterprise chip, 128 MB of memory, MIMO 2 x2 dual-band antenna.

the final price: 99. The cannon had courage! Qualcomm it is cruel to block a millet! Know millet mini router is mediatek mononuclear scheme, the standard version with broadcom, not all birds qualcomm.

as a powerful, not fancy, don’t bullshit what intelligent household, reasonable configuration, specializing stable performance of router function is very attractive. A few artillery a horse, can not hurt?

since 360, for machine failure, 360 started obsessed with new hardware, want to in the field of new installed power, higher stickiness, to take on a new round of the Internet. From the success of the first product 360 wifi, to children’s bracelet, to the key, and the air box, and then to today’s smart routers, 360 is done more and get started.

but most of the products above, just pure hardware, software can provide viscosity are very limited, and the development potential is small, the user can take 360 software products use hardware to match the others. It is not how much for 360 imaginary space.

360 next can bring what kind of surprise? Whether in hardware and software experience, in the game of supply chain in a positive atmosphere for market at the same time, open the different subversion? We don’t know.

but in a speech in artillery, we also got some clue. Router NAS functions in response to the millet, the next step will be to launch a 360 with a hard drive products, guard the second generation, other children can officially upgraded to a husband guards!

now, 360 new hardware around safety, the next step on search hardware also has a rich imagination. About this problem, the artillery convective cloud network said there is no similar project. But 360 early in their own custom keyboard.

new product on the hard disk, artillery also does not have to continue to give us more details. Then we have contacted internal personnel, 360 hunting each other, said they didn’t receive the specific news on this subject. But the problem that due to confidentiality and technology progress, the general public means that a project technology has done more mature, to the time period will be released in one or two weeks, it was in a month.

so trust this new product, in 360 is also actively preparing, available will not be too long.

however, in addition to the hard disk is added in the router, what other products can add hard disk? With mobile hard disk charging treasure? With a mobile hard disk 360 4 g wifi?

these plus the hard disk is too burdensome also easy to damage. It want to only TV box, this is the most convenient, the most practical and can also hold on NAS functions.

of course, limited to the policy factors, perhaps this is a can support the TV screen display function of the host “android”. What do you say?