360 why power mobile browser?

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browser is a good business, but is not a good to do business. Happened in two recent browser industry may change the pattern of events, focusing on the mobile browser is a UC announced to enter PC browser, 2 it is 360 began to promote mobile browser to important strategic level.

UC enter PC browser is better understood, a cloud of the future, without a large screen it was impossible. But the 360 power mobile browser it is worth thinking about.

mobile browser is the basic pattern, the UC, tencent, baidu’s three big alone, left to 360 market space is running. In addition, the 360 has 360 phone aides and 360 two mobile phones guards end products, with mobile browser exactly what? In my opinion, the main there may be several reasons.

a, continuous fall in share prices, 360 need make new concept sustain growth

in the search engine market, the first and second share should be greater than the 7/3 layout is reasonable market (the most extreme case is likely to be 9/1). The current pattern is obviously unreasonable, it shows that China’s search market there are variables.

but because baidu preconceptions and relatively large reserves of resources, 360 for quite a long time, I’m afraid there’s no way to overthrow baidu. 25% share of the search are basically close to the 360 ceiling. In addition, baidu 600 in market value is contain maps, love, art, and a bunch of other possible value to liquidate the business. Qihoo have? Qihoo so high value depends on what to rely on? There is only one possible value of baidu rose, 360 will follow up.

360 in recent years, the company’s performance is getting better and better, the navigation page, games, distribution, advertising and other income rise across the board. In the 360 published 2013 unaudited financial data, qihoo 360 last year revenue last year for $6.71, rose 104.1%, net profit 9965 dollars, rose 113.2%. Year-on-year revenue growth is mainly due to online advertising and Internet value-added services continued strong growth of the business, including personal start page user traffic growth and results oriented advertising model further promotion, but also from search and the contribution of commercial wireless platform.

but we cannot deny the thing is, 360 shares more than doubled, to a large degree is a reference for baidu’s share price, because of its search engine market share rising, that market is considered the future commercialization has imaginary space extremely. The recent 360 share price recently is experiencing a slump, and from the highest 124.42 the dollar has been down to the present $87, the 360 future share price can rise continues as before? Now to say. 360 power mobile browser here it is not hard to understand, it needs to create a new concept the safest China mobile browser, to ensure that their share prices do not encounter huge fluctuations.

and PC search growth, mobile search to become the next breakthrough

360 realized mainly depend on the browser and the web site navigation, search the future may bring 360 generate revenue, but by far the monetization process is not very well. In PC browser, due to the competition between each other is similar to the user experience, product and technology itself cannot differentiate and clear positioning, but 360 in the name of security experts tell you, 360 browser is safe browser, find the lifeblood of the market, at the same time 360 user can know what users are using a browser and threat, and 360 to block the background rival software installation, not all interception, but 10 block off 3 ~ 4 a, finally cause bad competition experience, gradually abandoned.

but now to the mobile terminal, 360 security products can no longer like PC side that have the advantage of a monopoly, tencent, jinshan, such as competitors are eyeing, unlike when cut into the blue ocean. nullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnullnull