40% WP user said “system superiority” the main reason is affecting the smartphone

recently, arouse our interest. This report from authority, fully revealed when consumer is choosing smartphones, the most value which aspects of the equipment. Make people surprised is that 40% WP user said the advantages of mobile phone operating system, are the main factors affecting their smartphone. And this number is higher than 37% of Android users and 32% of the iOS users.

since the WP 8.1 since its launch, we have seen the WP system maintain their own characteristics at the same time, as much as possible in pursuit of the tireless efforts of Android and iOS. But, whether from the practicability of the system itself, or from the application of ecological integrity, WP and competitors exist a big gap. This, from the WP accounted for only less than 5% of the global smartphone market is evident. But for WP’s faithful fans, system does not affect their ecological gap “idol” loyalty to himself.

the report some interesting data is as follows:

, mobile phone battery life has become the primary factors influencing the users buy smartphones (no one). This for Android, iOS, WP users alike. The 56% higher, however, Android users. More and more big screen Android phone, really gives the user the trouble of short battery life.

, the three major users of the operating system, iOS users is the most is not sensitive to the screen size. Only 22% of iOS users think, the screen size is not influence they choose to buy smartphones factors (big screen iPhone “innocent”);

, and on a bit [contrast, iOS users has a good brand consciousness of belonging. 32% of the iOS users pointed out that the brand is one of the main factors that influence them to buy mobile phones. This number is higher than Android and WP 25%;

chart clearly shows the IDC survey for us: