4399: those things Cao Zheng stake in what is shrinking


jorin Right raccoon dog (ID: Left – Right – 007)

words Mr. CAI sold 265 site navigation to tens of millions of dollars to lee at the time of Google China, transformed into a bird man, start to do the angel investment, at this time is in the middle of 2007. China’s Internet industry has a lot of people is after 2007, began to do angel investment and start looking for the next wave of opportunities, in addition to Mr. CAI, lei jun, zhou, li qing, xiao-ping xu jumping off point at this time, all this seems to be a coincidence, is inevitable, which day eight, or hot money, etc. COM revealed the plot before filming for the book.

Mr. CAI to do an angel, is actually based on the webmaster conferences, packing the grassroots webmaster, then docking mainstream VC, Mr. CAI before been xue barbarian such packing, Mr. CAI run again after you know the doorways, 265 website station after sell, Mr. CAI’s hand and have enough cash, Mr. CAI naturally want to play. Accurately, actually before 265 site stand to sell, Mr. CAI has already started to play so, 58, a storm is Mr. CAI in star case such as case.

let Mr. CAI always remember there is a person, this person is xing-ping li. Although many entrepreneurial class media regarded Mr. CAI is the king of the webmaster in China, but in the folk, xing-ping li was the first person, another Chinese master of this is due to xing-ping li hao123’s glorious past, Mr. CAI had a chance to enter the hao123 before baidu, this story Mr. CAI in xiamen for jorin uncle talked about face to face, but has nothing to do with this paper, another day eight) was shocked.

to sell the hao123 after baidu, xing-ping li promenade in 2004, a year or two, that is, to find new opportunities, it is 4399 little game station. Xing-ping li for flow rate is a genius, soon, 4399 small game station went into the site of the website in the top 100 in China.

Mr. CAI to do an angel, most circle xing-ping li’s going into the office, but xing-ping li earn good money, why want to cooperate with Mr. CAI. In 2007, before and after the change of external environment, to make the things become possible. China’s grassroots webmasters polymerization of traffic and also from 2007 to 2008 this point in time there was a gap.

prior to this, the operator itself is the flow of cash buyers, but 2006 years later, operators began drifting away after consolidation. Once around the traffic between baidu and Google for the trot, but as the clear search war situation, especially after baidu gradually starting to tighten the flow, once very popular Chinese grassroots webmasters hand traffic became less popular. Mr. CAI satellite sold 265 site stood high is also based on this.

after that, the electricity business began to rise, headed by jingdong online traders began to kill in a batch of electricity, in addition to electricity, another is to liquidate large web games, realized in the early 4399’s, is one of the most famous customers taomee Moore manor (that would be enough to understand why, taomee earlier in 7 k7k), taomee investor is li qing, it’s a small world.

actually see this opportunity is the earliest ali, a proper push alibaba a ali mother advertising alliance, but perhaps not team, the things ali not caught.

webmaster Wang Caiwen wins not wave get hollow reputation, at this juncture, he saw a big opportunities for web game cash, then persuaded xing-ping li and he do together, its main business is 4399 small game station. Xing-ping li also feel operators, baidu after these suckers unreliable, have to find new partners, Mr. CAI in due course.

in 2008, persuaded xing-ping li do 4399, together with Mr. CAI in early 2002 to register a shell company and there is no business, changed its name to swim home in xiamen, the company started in 2002 Mr. CAI has 81%, another 17% natural person, after reorganization in 2008, Mr. CAI 67%, 3% of the natural person, before xing-ping li and LuoHaiJian 15% each.

15% can understand xing-ping li, 4399 small game station traffic had up at that time, itself is making money, before hao123 successful cases in the former, Mr. CAI has been on before two people also failed to cooperation into a heart.

LuoHaiJian he2 de2 he2 ability, Mr. CAI li xing equal 15% of the order of magnitude to him? It is a mystery.

jorin right raccoon dog and LuoHaiJian and no friend, just in the meeting had a most encounter called a nodding acquaintance. Baidu found that under the graduated in 2003, graduated from jinan university, ZCOM and 265 have done before, the two companies are to be Mr. CAI, Locke is Mr. CAI a younger brother. Site navigation station 265 sold in 2007, Locke himself to do the family named guangzhou Asian union information technology co., LTD., listen to the flow of the network marketing company name like do, input the website 3839 com, with 4399 competitive industry, it is somewhat nonsense, but it is a fact.

look LuoHaiJian Mr. CAI, is hope LuoHaiJian help doing web game, the way of combined transportation, Locke trained, like the game again, relative to xiamen, guangzhou, multimodal transport as a web games also have more talent base. WangMeng LuoHaiJian made year, business is bad to do, also call the old leadership, to as many shares as xing-ping li, delighted. Then, in 2008, Mr. CAI xing-ping li LuoHaiJian three people walk together, all together as a founder launched 4399 launch.

Mr. CAI always like a cluster, as a result, in 4399 as a web game, the way of combined transportation has the time, also began to encourage other friends in guangzhou region start page together development, including the first to come out a page to swim the development company is sound.

deep throat told LuoHaiJian initially have thin sound of the company, but not in its name. But is held in the name of his brother LuoHaiTao. It is enough to understand, why 4399 to note at the outset to give a person the sense of family.

the year 4399 alone the generation of the Philippine sound “panlong ol”, the first products in research and development and operations, under the cooperation of after rounds of pain to overthrow the modify, pushing through 4399, efforts finally paid off, “panlong ol” this product has been a huge success, the business model is finally realised web game flow is verified feasible.

from the Philippine’s web site, for a period of time as you can see a lot of familiar products, “the era of the Ming dynasty”, “mortal fix true”, “dream cultivate immortality” and so on. Presumably you reader like uncle is in doubt in the heart, “the era of the Ming dynasty” the Ming dynasty the development of the network, isn’t it? Not swim guangzhou jie “dream cultivate immortality” (the company were later incorporated into traveling) development? How is hanging in the Philippines the sound.

think at the beginning, 4399 started with little games, and watch the web games, a group with sp with entrepreneurial brothers, help 4399 flow cash, the money you earn. Philippine sound kai huang, Yang Tao (panlong ol, mortal fix true), the Ming dynasty network Lin Shaomeng (Ming dynasty era), guangzhou jie swim ZhuangJie wide cultivate immortality (dream) and 4399 tightly together, in order to gather popularity effect, in the sound with the panlong ol fame, after several the same struggle in the development of a line of brothers game of their callings in the sound. This is a win-win approach, on the one hand, can with the Philippine sound brand, to make the game can get more promotion, gathered a higher popularity; On the one hand, can also produce more high quality through the game product, and reinforcement of brand. How many inside this seems a but also to the later Cao Zheng with Mr. CAI about 4399 equity disputes between the stage.

with the sound of the brand and 4399 platform, the brothers have been a success. With the establishment of the Philippine sound brand, and several other research and development, state of success step by step, “the Ming dynasty era”, “dream cultivate immortality” two product production team in 10 years began to highlight their own brands, highlighted the network of the Ming dynasty and guangzhou jie brand effect. Is behind the story again, the web game developers and Liao Dong transport platform is packaged as a traveling company together, in the second half of 2013 in Hong Kong.

had the story of eight, I hope to continue to eight Cao Zheng and 4399 of those things today.

mentioned above, Mr. CAI xing-ping li LuoHaiJian is home to co-found xiamen swim together, but operating main business in guangzhou, thus established the guangzhou travel home. Two swimming actually call 4399, but it doesn’t really matter.

guangzhou travel home after find web game through this road by quickly, start reversed transmission xiamen travel. Mr. CAI, reward and personal transfer ways to LuoHaiJian additional small 20% of the shares, so turn ChengCai 47%, 34%, Locke xing-ping li 10 + and some natural person holding a single-digit old stock of the situation.

well, tell the story of Cao Zheng can come back now.

Cao Zheng with Mr. CAI also calculate acquaintance, while baidu Cao Zheng knew Mr. CAI.

jorin raccoon dog and Cao Zheng right, there is no friendship, but there are a lot of indirect origin, jorin good gay friend has just been promoted to high star and less suitable for MD Cao Zheng during the baidu is the old colleague, the right of the raccoon dog good gay friends are jorin of toxic friends also have to fraternize with Cao Zheng powersnake classmates, was with jorin raccoon dog right do IT bumper car show hardware once van in Cao Zheng, is to find the little snake said.

there is quite a jianghu Cao Zheng reputation, is a technology, 2 it is to should be cao technology and literary talent and vision in one of the best three (don’t ask who the other two are offensive things also); Cao Zheng wrote to decrypt the Chinese Internet articles, is written jorin raccoon dog see the subject of right is one of the best.

but Mr. CAI please Cao Zheng incoming, not fancy Cao Zheng literary grace, see more Cao Zheng in baidu in the past experience. Need to be added, though Mr. CAI so-called investment nearly hundred enterprises (some of them are sell domain in small), but after its 265 real overall control platform, the first is 4399. For Cao Zheng raise and Mr. CAI select few, actually only please Cao Zheng this bureau in 4399.

but this station 4399, though Mr. CAI was the first major shareholder, is absolutely the first and largest shareholder, but the real work, real incomes are LuoHaiJian. Especially to 2011 years, every year have more beautiful performance LuoHaiJian hard up, 4399 of them, to the sound from the page and guangzhou inside more undermined the authority of Mr. CAI, unconsciously began to produce deviation between LuoHaiJian and Mr. CAI.

your neighborhood will ask, Mr. CAI is not big shareholders the company? Is in command personally, why not, but let LuoHaiJian this past I forward?

Mr. CAI return from Beijing to xiamen reluctant to personal expedition is an interpreted, Mr. CAI don’t like the game is another explanation, more importantly, beginning in 2011, Mr. CAI found a new battlefield, that is sina weibo.

LuoHaiJian wanted to be boss, the first victim is Cao Zheng. Here the story jorin right raccoon dog mastery of the material is not much, but in big companies, there is always a faction, there’s always a struggle, can understand. LuoHaiJian Cao Zheng crowded go, Cao Zheng went to Mr. CAI, want to retreat. River’s lake, Mr. CAI started the bureau Cao Zheng is promised to give us a 5%, but did not give performance shares, is held by Mr. CAI generation, Mr. CAI introduced xing-ping li LuoHaiJian and sold some of the old stock to a natural person, discount down is three points. Cao Zheng said three points can also be, ask Mr. CAI for the three points, Mr. CAI in 4399 didn’t have enough time, is only 1.5 points. Cao Zheng said it would give discount for the 1.5 points.

but how this 1.5 points to Cao Zheng evaluate is a problem. Jorin right raccoon dog told by deep throat, Cao Zheng before, during and after the withdrawal Mr. CAI at 2 million turn a point, as well as 8 million turn 1.5 points the old stock, if so, then Mr. CAI to let Cao Zheng with RMB 2 million cash is 1 point. So Cao Zheng took $2 million in cash and the remaining 4399 shares, but exactly how much is the inside is a mystery, according to the understanding of Cao Zheng, just take 1%, the rest is 2%, but according to the algorithm of Mr. CAI is only 0.5%.

according to Cao Zheng his statement on twitter, he is from 2011 in 4399, this statement is to help Mr. CAI perfect, also suggests that when Cao Zhengcong 4399 evacuated in 2011 is thought he is there are two points. Under this tweet, many people argue that it was not until 2013 that Cao Zheng still as 4399 cto in all kinds of technical activities to help companies recruit talent. This one the most likely explanation is that Cao Zheng while it is in the big system of 4399, but actually, there is no correlation with LuoHaiJian over 4399, 4399 of 4399, is a mess.

Cao Zheng shares is not much, not about the big picture, but Cao Zheng out Mr. CAI and LuoHaiJian began to end their honeymoon is a landmark event. Mr. CAI a look at the situation, to bring new investors, are dispersed, so-called bad team brought, to bring new investors to come in, use the unification of the vision to attract everybody is also an option.

when profits have two a year 4399, and upwardly mobile, therefore, the domestic many investment within earshot. Deep innovation etc. According to the cast after 4 billion yuan in. The case in 2011 became A VC robbery case in shenzhen, if in accordance with the planning of Mr. CAI can do more than 300 million net profit, in 2014 to 35 times PE value, as long as you can on the gem, is A 10 billion – yuan super big case, Mr. CAI also rose to become China’s A shares the Internet first.

due to the introduction of innovation and venture PE is in Cao Zheng after withdrawal, although Mr. CAI to Cao Zheng 1 point is set by the market price, but there is difference of inside and outside in 15 times as much, as a result, or super Cao Zheng heart depressed.

a neighborhood will ask, why Mr. CAI is not let Cao Zheng Cao Zheng again after a new investor in cash to leave, this the jorin right answer is, on behalf of the raccoon dog CAI if Cao Zheng out start looking after the introduction of investors, that Mr. CAI is not wrong, if it is in the process of talking about investment, let cao cash in advance, then, cao heart knot is flatly solution doesn’t open. It is enough to understand why Cao Zheng the microblogging emphasizes the terrier leaving its establishment in 2011, admits the terrier is a kind of protection for Mr. CAI, is between Mr. CAI and Cao Zheng a confessed to each other.