5.5 -inch iPhone more than six why it’s sold for $100? Add the optical image stabilization module!

reports that apple before the next iPhone would improve the camera function, is expected to be equipped with optical image stabilization module of company. But according to Pacific Crest Securities analyst John Vinh and Kevin Chen’s latest forecast, the optical image stabilization performance or will appear only on the 5.5 -inch iPhone

two analysts noted that the optical image stabilization more traditional autofocus will raise the cost of $4-5 cost, they think apple will have reason to use the sizes of the two performance iPhone heterogeneous, given a further 5.5 -inch iPhone itself will cost slightly tall, are more likely to be equipped with optical image stabilization performance.

similarly, chief analyst at KGI ming-chi kuo also predicted based on the supply pressure, optical image stabilization performance will be on the 5.5 -inch iPhone configuration only. And 6 or 4.7 -inch iPhone will pay more attention to the lens performance, improve the focusing performance of faster and more high quality and efficiency. Ming-chi kuo said, its performance or will continue to lead.

“, unlike the market widespread speculation, we don’t think a 4.7 -inch iPhone will be equipped with optical image stabilization module, responsible for the supply of VCM lens manufacturers, after all, Japan Mitsumi, Alps company limited output. We predict that the 4.7 -inch iPhone 6 will be further optimized on the basis of iPhone5S lens performance. On the other hand, considering the 5.5 -inch iPhone 6 low demand forecast sales and product differentiation, which are more likely to be equipped with optical image stabilization performance to enhance the attraction. “

OIS Optical Image Stabilization function (Optical Image Stabilization) as the name implies, is the use of a built-in lens or peripheral sensors to reduce jitter effect, ensure photographs, film shooting results. After the performance is mainly used in the traditional digital camera, and recently, with the development of technology, such as Google, HTC, nokia mobile phone manufacturers have adopted the optical image stabilization performance to improve the mobile phone camera performance.

with each update iPhone, apple also gradually improve the iPhone on the film performance, on the iPhone 5 s at present already through software for image stabilization processing, can want to see apple’s future may well equipped with optical image stabilization in the camera module.

reference after the iPhone 5 s compared with the performance of the iPhone 5 c, visible apple or tend to advocate flagship machine, such as only the iPhone 5 s have Touch ID function. So the optical image stabilization performance is likely to become the flagship machine unique function.

it is reported that the 5.5 -inch iPhone 6 a quotation or to nearly $100 higher than 4.7 inch iPhone 6, if true, then apparently 5.5 -inch iPhone will become the next generation of apple main flagship.

in addition to optical image stabilization, two analysts also said that according to the iPhone 6 supply chain vendor information is likely to child support NFC (near distance wireless communication) technology. This also with previous or new way to push their mobile payments, the iPhone 6 will support NFC technology “message coincides with mine.

previously reported due to the production of technical problems, 4.7 -inch iPhone 6 or will be released first, according to bloomberg news this week, however, two iPhone will be launched in the second half of this year at the same time.