58 city continual Appstore behind the shelves: suspected brush list

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58 city is placed under the appstore again! This is the biggest news recently classified information field. Last month on the 18th, 58 city iOS applications appear to be pulled from the shelves for the first time, users in the APPStore search “58 city” shows the result for the “market”, the personage inside course of study will be the phenomenon to be classed as “brush list”. 58 city at the official story is currently unable to display properly, and has set up the first time contact apple’s customer service in this matter.

on April 20, one called “58 city official version of the application of” appear in the APPStore, but ownership classification is not previously according to classification of life, but tourism classification. The application has been in the industry nicknamed the “emergency shanzhai”, but the application display web sites, contact information is 58 city. Now this kind of “shanzhai” is suspected by apple for brush list reasons forced off the shelves. (actually the emergency shanzhai before July 2013 has been in the plane, it’s just not update, it seems, 58 city also early expect that was pulled from the shelves for brush list)

according to apple’s official process, general to on time in the 2-7 working days or so, to today, 58 city APP has disappeared in appstore for 20 days, this had to let people guess, 58 city big deal in this time. Promotion is risky, brush list need to be careful.

58 city innovation of mobile terminal and blocked

maybe, the pressure of competition or 58 city adhere to the main reason for the brush list. 58 city listed after the Wall Street giant performance pressure, and tries to through the power of wireless business preempted market lead. 58 city APP but lack of innovation, in the competition of market network and key competitors 6-2 in lee. Market net weight pushing this year’s lazy man looking for a room and so on C2B model of wireless applications and users widely recognized by the media, and 58 city is unremarkable. Especially after the 58 city was under the appstore, search in the appstore “58 city”, appeared in the first is the market network, for 58 city, this is a huge blow.

the Yao Jinbo unusually, also will be expelled from the two director responsible for promoting the APP.

with the development of mobile Internet, more and more Internet companies will shift to wireless layout. In a short period of time by apple official from the shelves in a row, there is no doubt that prospects for the future of 58 city wireless business was overshadowed. Because the brush list for two consecutive times from the shelves, it brings to the user 58 city dishonest, and each time the shelves for such a long time, will let the 58 city lost half of the new APP every day. More importantly in the android platform, 58 city client also not occupy absolute advantage.

it is understood that in order to deal with Wall Street and the competition of high pressure, 58 city not only in the apple store brush list of fraud. Also has the media reported recently, 58 city through brush baidu index and the index weight, Alexa industry peers and libel. If the aforesaid ACTS, 58 city will be suspected of counterfeiting market data, fraud and false advertising and information to users and customers.

58 city should focus on optimization of products, improve the user experience, through the brush, a list of actions such as fraud to cover up the fact that pressure will only make the 58 city stuck in the past, in the way of vicious competition more walk more far.

classifieds site in winter to the

a year last year, the negative news about classifieds site, not just 58 city, market network and frequent leaks of garbage information, false recruitment information, user privacy and information untrue,. 58 city and at the same time, the market network has been reported capital chain rupture, executives, and delay the IPO, the collapse of a series of negative rumors. Yao Jinbo herself also admitted: “58 city of information quality is uneven, the false content”.

classification to the heart of today’s public information website, false information. Someone said that the market, 58 city has become a liar, rice, wine such as distributing center, if you are in weibo search input “58 city liar”, article 28000 of the search results in this.

the personage inside course of study, according to the market, such as 58 city classified information website of capital turnover and operating pressure, leak user privacy, pack to sell users’ personal information.

compared with false information, loss of user trust, that most classifieds site biting or flow down. According to Alexa, 58 city in the last three months the flow down to 66, the market for almost three months since the flow down to 114. 58 city now rank in the 250 s, and journalists in the mode of market decline mystery: 58 behind fraud deluge “when attention to 58 city traffic in October last year, its traffic rank in 140, and also visible classifieds site falling fast.

share prices stagnate 58 city risks

starting in February this year, 58 city’s share price will continue to unstable state, is now in the past three months, while the price of the stock rose from 37.04 to 37.91, the only possible, it is also one of the many investors lose faith in 58 city’s performance.

it is worth mentioning that 58 city hold strategic communication yesterday, Yao Jinbo 58 city listed in reference to establish this year after three strategy is: wireless business, investment, m&a, the deepening east China market, three years will in east China area sales will exceed 2 billion yuan, the market share of 70% in the east China area.

in the above, Yao Jinbo mentioned wireless mobile terminal business, the market network and 58 city layout on the mobile end, products, services, investment, etc were similar, all belong to the same starting line, and now, the advent of the era of mobile Internet classifieds site impact of vulnerable again. Main niche users of mobile web App covers all aspects of life: rent rent, account that rent a house, rent a good mobile phone rental, handheld HOME LINK property, tour the world short rent, trying to be all things to guest secondhand the room, and so on; Secondhand the flea market, 19th floor, roof business dealing, idle, etc, and China’s largest e-commerce alibaba’s taobao is also involved in second-hand goods sales, taobao flea street; Deals such as the car has a new car, the first Shared, al second-hand car material fit the different needs of different user adaptation APP.

data show that in the past two years, even the us Internet users has increased by 5%, but the news website of PC users have declined 5%, map fell by 2%, and instant messaging are dropped by 52%, classification of web site is down by 23%. Visible WEB side flow and moving the flow are related, how much that means moving the growth picks up WEB side classifieds site traffic, which is exactly what happened.

the brutal truth is that in the presence of numerous App, 58 city this classifieds site advantage.

so, at this time the APP is pulled from the shelves and environment under the bad market situation, issued “three years sales reached 2 billion, east China market share of 70%,” mission, said that the spirit is commendable, or insane? Or intend to take risks continue to brush list? Yao Jinbo, maybe there is no other choice, only to revive and epigenetic, 58 city of investors and the media to about a replacement.