58 city Yao Jinbo: now the enterprise to be successful, must first financing

black question: Yao Zong hello, I am a dark horse games yao group’s members, I am for you. I want to ask a question, 58 as experienced at least eight years before having some success more helpless pain, I would like to ask what do you think of doing user scale and the profit between the selection and choice?

Yao Jinbo: this question is very good, was the last to speak, speak it now. In this year, the financing is almost a necessary process, not an enterprise financing is unlikely to success. Is there any before? There used to be, earlier years to do business in China, don’t need financing, do not need to venture capital, I mean risk investment, because there is no method of loans of small and medium-sized enterprises, so that the financing risk investment. After I have concluded that any successful enterprise must be in harmony of enterprise, it must be a risk investment companies, this is the necessary process.

don’t know who the scene took the angel investors? Is not my own money, it is the outside people out of money? We developed China is, indeed, investment department in the past, angel investment is really couldn’t find wings that kind of feeling, the future investment will be someone around you, in chengdu, there will be a lot of funds, funds of all backgrounds, big business, successful people, foreign investment, the government guide the funds. The future is investing it becomes sheila. 58 financing in 2005, China has more than ten million financing ten pens, almost the past couple of years investment number, amount, may be two times the speed of three times the speed of growth. So people will be more and more investment, the financing of enterprises will be more and more, don’t use this weapon can hardly survive.

we now business, if we have a great ideal, but still don’t know how to use leverage, than that will use this weapon than the company, you are short. Because you didn’t get financing, must guarantee alive, so you must continue to profit earnings, your eyes always staring at next month, next year. And the enterprise integrating money came in, he may stare at three years later. You must have profit, but he doesn’t need to profits, he can, he can introduce better person, he can go to advertising, he can need not so early profit, he can take the word of mouth, he can take a taxi also subsidies money you don’t accept your money. How do I call you to profit, it? Almost is unlikely to have a chengdu enterprises on their own to play drops and fast, this is reality.

how to get financing, to participate in dark horse is quite good, inside a dark horse, is have a lot of teacher, in addition to learn the Internet thinking, it is important to learn how to finance. 58 is a special case, dragged on for eight years, quite bad, always be a heap of media bad-mouthing, said 58 still can live? We left more than $100 million, total of three round of investment. You can stick to eight years, no one opponent can play with such a person, you ever think of. Can you persuade others to support you believe in your dreams, then take another shot. That your opponent is not aware of this or did not do this, he is dragged to death, this market will become you, this is the Internet.

financing and characteristics, and the capital market is particularly severe fluctuations, capital, to fluctuate more than 50% of the stock market, stock market fluctuations can cause the capital market. Good year a very small company can high valuations, poor year enterprise did a good job also can’t get a good estimate. So when you preferred is good market financing, rather than when you good, rather than when you don’t have the money. Now if more should seize the chance of financing (because the current capital market is very good ah), and not to say that I have money now, I don’t try so hard, I wait, I plan well, my money can also stick to six months, so I went to the fourth month of time to talk, not like that, true to the fourth month, first, the fund can arrive on time, don’t know, the market is good, you also don’t know, when you really do not have money to pay, give you what conditions you have to promise to others, so choose best market financing.


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