60 days with tiger wu cheng: cry! I have nothing to do with elong ctrip beginning and end of the game

set up 10 years, has always been low-key with cheng is pushed to the forefront.


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author: ming-ming kong

in February 2014, with cheng announced to tencent’s 500 million investment, in March, with routine and art Long Dacheng strategic cooperation, after 37 days was announced “break up”, and accept ctrip’s $200 million in cash to buy into, to carry out the tickets, hotel and other business.

in suzhou, with cjay before watching quietly do big ticket business, after James liang regression, tiger wu said “all good times are over,” and had a fierce price war with ctrip. Choose to cooperate with elong, also for common fight against the ctrip.

compared with powerful ctrip, with net arduous course of the war. At the beginning of the price war, ctrip CEO James liang put words “the war will be over in a half year”, and the use of a variety of means. And in the now, he didn’t get.

with network CEO tiger wu cheng said to I dark horse, the whole process they look ingenious, but more is used.

here is with the network CEO tiger wu cheng oral:

“really can’t think of what we have the opportunity to challenge ctrip”

with cheng is a what kind of team? We are an extremely grassroots, also don’t believe in miracles and lucky team, only believe efforts at 8 o ‘clock every day from morning to night at eight o ‘clock. I say with all colleagues, you don’t tell me model, I also don’t understand a lot, I want to see you at half past eight in the company, half past eight in the evening go back, you tell me what I have to believe. We just came up like this.

the original pattern with routine you very clear, from alibaba, we do the P2P electronic business card, and do the best, then when we transition to B2C in 2008, with no cheng luminous colors make you feel background, no. I was with my another partner after came back from the win in China, many investors are optimistic about us, but when it comes to valuation, when it comes to the company’s future development, I feel we don’t have any imagination space.

Patterns are

we discussed last time, booking hotel, but I can’t think of what we have chance to challenge the ctrip, because ctrip (20) 08 do around ten billions of revenue, so no one believed us. Our investors tiger elder brother more impatient than we are, and he talked with us more than half a year’s time, at last (20) April 08 threw us a sum of money, 15 million.

the first round of the investment is pretty important for company. Investment in the first round, but valuations are not particularly important, an investor can help you find more important, and I think, money early valuable later than money. Since many enterprises can get the money back, means you can run faster than others. At that time, 15 million shares of our 20 percentage, but in retrospect, today I don’t think that 15 million is no with cheng.

in the same field to get things perfectly

why then took the money? Because we had try a method, this method is very simple, the AD is in baidu, P2P and like when we do business card, put the advertisement on baidu this thing perfectly. Meaning to the extreme, after 15 million to zhang today, a month later I signed a strategic cooperation agreement with baidu in suzhou, one-time in 10 million.

after the 10 million, I entered it, VIP department directly to baidu Beijing tube, so he gave me the lowest discount. (20) last year, I become all of China’s web site, also is the baidu advertising shots in most companies, one hundred people and formed a professional SEM, SEO team.

AD is of course to baidu is also not so simple, on this basis we built a set of precise delivery system, on the each and every one of the key words in baidu, some how many times, how much you spend, how much the order, orders and how much revenue, how many, how much loss, how to jump into, and so on, the calculation of clear, our results can be accurate to day.

(20) for 10 years with camp when received, we think all of a sudden a bright road in front of, as long as give baidu to throw more money, he will return to you more, then I think entrepreneurship so simple, I tell our colleagues about our goal is to use the shortest possible time, the fastest speed above to transfer money from company account to baidu, the company all do it.

(20) for 11 years, ctrip, elong, also see the effect of money on baidu, but they still cast but we, until last year, but we all of them.

why? When I speak with your colleagues, what have you done since to ride with SEM and SEO, is supremely well.

our company did was probably more than ten thousand web sites, search suzhou hotel reservation, ranking the front three is paid, the three are basically we paid. Free have 25 results below, is baidu screening process according to the weight, the crawler, search, and so on, and also this 25 is our all.

we to responsible for hotel reservation keywords baidu colleagues request is that you are responsible for the word, you must put the first page of baidu we all make it, do not we change another person to do, this is a way. Second approach is that our colleagues with responsible for SEO and SEM requirements, if you are a SEM officers of the company when you walk on the road, see have a leaf fell off, will immediately think of the leaves fell off with me what is the relationship between keywords, and immediately return to the company according to your words, because the weather was associated with hotel occupancy.

(20) $10 years our income, elong just found out that, then they are starting to ads on baidu. Ctrip wake (20) 13 years, all of the good people over, of course there are many kinds of games.

(20) ten years we do attractions tickets began to the dead. Because the hotel do again good we can’t be the first, the first it is very important. Our experience is that unless you put a thing perfectly, in the market segment to become the first, or you don’t have any value. Then we think the market is very good, didn’t do, ctrip, elong rate soon.

from our level, we have always said that we in this industry is a small small small small team, you don’t pay attention to also don’t care about us, we will soon come undone.

“the most afraid of is they latch onto popular”

the first time I saw ctrip is in (20) for 12 years, before somebody else does not take you to play, don’t you do to the meeting. The online travel together a meeting, a chat. We went to corner a squat.

and they said, with routine, you do very good.

I bother to say, we have no no no.

when we are most afraid of being targeted.

but do attractions tickets from ctrip began last year began to test, with cashback trick to this for me.

cashback is actually we (20) 08 initiative and do the best, we are about to return the $20000 in 2008, later to become the whole of China online travel \ electrical contractor. Last year, all of China’s tourism electricity back to back off $20 now.

to return now that there is a very, very important: it is a little big, small play more trick, because your quantity is small, you 100 every day, every single back to $50, 5000 pieces, and big companies 100000 every day, every single piece of 50, 5 million, the day a small company only spend $5000 a day can keep you on the website of tens of thousands of hotels that are big companies.

when ctrip on tickets to deal with a man as he deals with you, we are still more panic, because the cashback this recruit, how to break? We don’t know. Of course, we now know to break the cashback recruit is one dollar to play attractions, this year we will make a dollar attractions to play perfectly.

when park, investors hope that we can be listed as soon as possible, and the whole company is spoiling of relief, (20) for 12 years we income reached $2, brokers said, if you also must be listed on China’s one of the most cow shares. But our profits (20) 13 years began to turn down.

Within the

ctrip, too, says with cheng has officially entered their rival camps, in addition to monitoring elong to monitored with cheng. I listened to the heart and sinks.

as a enterprise, pants for ten years, suddenly caught the attention of the giant, they kill us at all costs in the middle of the traffic, basically the basically can spend money over you rob the past.

ctrip is twenty thousand person of company, the listed so many years, his power is less than you think, from August (20) 13 years in December, several reports about 30, said is continue to ride tickets and so on all kinds of rhetoric. Even if you don’t see it that way, but between the two companies colleagues will look, tickets for their colleagues with tickets for our colleagues will look. Their search at this time, when in November last year, ctrip in we opened an office 500 meters across, our attractions all colleagues call flicking it again twice.

last year after the year-end, we feel that the company must not, according to the direction of the original should be changed. How to change? We have to be positive with ctrip competition.

we have a level of about $cash at the time, can’t and ctrip, we don’t know with what method to play, but always feel to get a sum of money.

in June (20) 13 years earlier, at about ten o ‘clock in the evening, I will give our tencent chief investment officer of a phone call, I said, I want to see now, I want to play a game, I now need a sum of money, would you vote for me?

the other party chief investment officer, said is very good, we are very bullish on your team, we are going to vote for you. Tencent is ready to start the investment, and then another u.n. agencies, smooth talk down the investment on the end of last year.

when talking about the investment, ctrip don’t know what we are talking about the investment, if he know that we can talk about the investment. Of course from ctrip, he thinks that went before the steps we must die, don’t have to pay attention to us. Until this year on February 14, we announced the news of the investment. Company has a few cadres and colleagues loss at the time, until then we also don’t realize this competition from ctrip.

even took the tencent’s 500 million investment, still find it hard to all colleagues. We are making money before, but when a quarter of the company losses in 50 million, 5 0.1 billion quarter also lose it all. More important is the PC flow falling fast, we with ctrip on baidu it was useless, because baidu the total flow rate on the decline. So after we get the money of tencent, excited about less than ten days, feel that the situation is more serious than before.

Normandy invasion plan

I began to speak with your colleagues in March, only give you a month, this month to put our cooperation is the most closely, the top 50 ticket scenic spot to be taken, laid the scenic spot self-service sell the ticket machine. That one month we colleagues basically don’t go home without a rest, and the scenic area just signed the contract with you will be honored. Our commitment is machine, software, all send to you, you can only use the same process to collect the tickets.

released on March 21, we start the new decade strategy, we tell you to ride over the next 10 years to do leisure tourism first, on April 18th in zhouzhuang, announced a national one yuan tickets we officially launched officially launched and wisdom. From may with cheng began to formulate rules of the industry, we have to help you spread the information channel, now we are going to safeguard the interests of the industry as a whole, if who malicious cash back again, you return how many paper company will charge how much channel, if you don’t pay, your paper is from the inside out, you can not get a reserved tickets in scenic spots.

this is our Normandy invasion plan, then I don’t know how to win.

we fix the machine all in April, announced that we must do this in the industry system, at the same time, it is handed in directly to ctrip card: you compete on price with me again, I’m going to counter to you.

in addition to this, of course, we also do a thing in March, fuk (elong CEO guangfu cui) in a meeting in Beijing and I saw a face, said, we want to work with? I said, don’t cooperation will can’t live, can ah, cooperation.

about March 29th, we talk to elong team for 16 hours, a day is finalized, metropark international hotel in Beijing. Emphasis is a cooperation at that time, he wanted to talk to ctrip, I also want to talk to ctrip, they are we are tickets, hotel and I don’t know this method doesn’t work, but I think as friends will be better, and then signed a strategic cooperation agreement with him.

on April 18th morning, after I finished ceremony in zhouzhuang, afternoon just got a call from ctrip, said special wanted to speak to us. On April 19 evening, metropark international hotel in suzhou, ctrip to the top three, we sit together to chat this things, we each other hand in CARDS.