“A Microsoft Windows” strategy, than apple stupid too much

according to foreign media coverage of science and technology, apple formally opened to the public beta has the latest Mac system, Mac OS X Yosemite. In the next week, there will be 1 million developers and ordinary users through the application, the first to experience unprecedented changes brought by the OS X 10.10.

overall, Mac OS X 10.10 outstanding change focused on one point: with “open” of iOS system.

Yosemite synchronous iOS devices allow users to call, email writing, etc; Although design and useless to take 7 radical flat style similar to iOS, but overall is more round, thin, translucent; Notification bar to add “widgets” display and operation, this also is expected to appear in the iOS 8.

is similar to the above changes, there are many in Yosemite. We see not hard, apple and Microsoft, are hoping their desktop and mobile system is able to mix, so that the user firmly in their own hands. But the difference is that the use of different strategies. Many better than Microsoft and apple’s strategy.

apple hopes will be “open” Mac OS x and iOS, through different platforms of synchronous operation, let the two ecological form “interaction”. And Microsoft hopes to build Windows across all platforms, cancel the desktop Windows, Windows RT, WP the boundaries between each other, and the advantages of Windows on the desktop will accumulate translation to the mobile terminal.

to translation is a great advantage but unrealistic ideas. With Windows 8 launched “Metro style”, has attracted the Windows users. Self-righteous Microsoft, since then, always have to do the work of “tinkering”. Euphemistically called faithful user feedback is respected, little imagine, mobile and desktop (PC) is two completely different operating scenarios, it’s impossible to be translation, reproduction. Users use the different way, finally decided to Microsoft’s a long way to go, before the unified Windows program with thorns. Unfortunately, just yesterday,, confirm that the user will only see a unified platform for all Windows.

although cloud service is the apple ecosystem, one of the biggest weaknesses, but apple seems to have awakened. It hopes that by up to Drive system, such as the “gap” between Mac OS x and iOS bridge. Apple to understand that when using smartphone and PC users, the purpose of completely do not blend. However, cross-platform seamless operating experience, but because of the arrival of the era of cloud services, and become the user just need. After being Windows “subversion”, “barricaded himself in a corner” Mac OS not only not dead, but in the backdrop of the global PC decline, maintained a steady growth. We have reason to believe that apple for two big ecosystem “through” strategy, will make the development trend of the two form a mutually reinforcing.

at the end of the day, apple is a company selling hardware products. In addition to rely on the making craft of lead, apple, taking advantage of the “software (application) ecology”, more established himself a leading position. To this point in the smartphone industry, performance is particularly prominent. In other words, apple want to build a “vertical platform”, continuously strengthen the software (application) features, and the opponent’s gap.

in contrast, is a traditional software company Microsoft. Not that it cannot imitate apple, but this way is too difficult. Microsoft did not have the hardware manufacturing, previously had to for reasons of stability WP camps and buy nokia mobile phone manufacturing and service sector. But the traditional mobile phone manufacturers, seems to have become Microsoft’s heaviest burden. According to the latest Microsoft reported, nokia mobile phone manufacturing sector down Microsoft’s $700 million net profit.

the reason why Microsoft to create “Windows” unification platform, its basic reason lies in not reverse the concept of “monopoly”. Windows PC era, almost monopolized the whole PC industry. At that time, vigorously promote Windows, is bound in dumping all the applications and services on Windows platforms. Unfortunately, the mobile Internet era, the Windows in the market share of only 14% of all the computing equipment. Even if Microsoft do not please painfully to create a unified platform for the Windows, also is not equal to let their own service running on all of the equipment. And this is Microsoft’s new CEO, the most reluctant to see.

now, Mr. Ballmer era “software and hardware integration” for Microsoft, is a difficult proposition. Especially after, came to power, based on the “cloud, mobile first” of the new strategy, seems to have found the future for Microsoft. But as, say, corporate culture is a prerequisite for change and the transformation of ideas. Obviously, Microsoft has not completely put down the “halo” of Windows. We can even imagine such a scene, holding the unified title of Windows, Microsoft’s internal struggle meetings become more intense.

apple has stepped onto a more light than Microsoft, smooth the road of development. But we shall always hope to has a lot of Microsoft, can no longer get lost, began to stride catching up.