A product manager in 12 things

the author: BLUES thunderbolt public ID number: bluemidou 】 【 product director, the original tencent, YY voice senior product manager.

tomorrow is going to fly to Beijing on a business trip, tonight to product the new people to write some advice for your reference.

newcomer orientation, especially graduates into the position of the company, has a study into the process, the following ten things, not suitable for everyone, and learning and thinking.

the first thing to do, into the team, to know each and every one of the team, start an email introducing yourself, put on your beautiful photos. First meeting with colleagues, to remember the name of the team members, step by step on a mobile phone to save the phone number of the team members, plus WeChat, plus QQ, join the team of WeChat group, QQ group. Understand the company’s overall architecture, understand may involve in the later work of departments and the corresponding person.

the second thing, clear objectives. What is a clear understanding of the team’s goals? Think and communicate with teacher, what is your position in the team? What can do for the team goals? Three months, you will achieve what level? Half a year, you will achieve what level?

the third thing, and each team member a separate chat, as a newcomer, everyone in the team, perhaps have of worthwhile places for you to learn, at least, to understand the team members to work, may soon have the chance to cooperation. Make friends and colleagues, spare time communication, there will be a lot of unexpected harvest.

the fourth thing, understand the product development process, familiar with products from the need to publish online each link are put forward.

the fifth thing, learn the rules of your company and the team’s understanding communication channels of the company. Product manager rank promotion criteria, for example, know promotion track, know their own starting point, in the next three months, six months need to increase the capacity.

6, to participate in product testing of actual work, with two versions of the test.

7 thing, in close communication with the user. Become the heavy users of the product, familiar with the product details, make friends with all types of users. In the practical work of the service, listen to the user’s voice, close feeling users.

8 thing, first observation, and expression. New environment, there must be a lot of things, the original didn’t contact may not adapt to even think that is unreasonable, don’t worry, first down silently, informal occasions to communicate with colleagues to consult, after six months, the mature thinking of the original proposal, perhaps even more valuable.

9 thing, solid fundamental learning product manager skills. For example, the use of a variety of software tools, OFFICE series (WORD, EXCEL, VISIO, etc.), Axure, mind maps, PS…

the first ten things, technology promotion. Take themselves as new short a few months, and the development, testing, operational and other department colleagues to make friends, refer to them, understand the product technical architecture, server deployment, operational ability, etc.

11 thing, a complete product release process. His discovery from the user contact way such as BBS products, refined user requirements, logical thinking products, prototypes, writing product documentation, and develop technical solution is determined, to participate in the test, writing test cases, complete the data report, the product after the release of the data analysis, to check the user feedback, output product analysis report.

12 thing, and gradually promote professionalism. Looking for one or two models in the company, ask them to study, not only is the product skills, professionalism, communication skills, such as all-round develop their professional level. For three months, since every record growth, daily output. After three months, instead of weekly.