A single point of breakthrough, constructed at pin guest complete B round thousands dollar funding

B side entrepreneurial hot here? Is given priority to with service sales team’s mobile team management tools constructed at pin, today announced the B wheel millions of dollar funding.

the financing, the school led, IDG capital investment institutions with A round, soft and at the same time and have A China venture capital and liberal capital. Enjoy A round pin guest of dispute was completed early last year, and early Microsoft vc accelerator project members.

last year on June 4th, enjoy pin of dispute will be product name to “enjoy the platform of dispute” dispute “pin”, aimed at sales team management and customer management, in a similar WeChat and weibo product form, provide instant messaging, sharing, log, examination and approval, instructions, calendar, such as collaborative applications, as well as the business card, the customer service record and interaction, such as sales data analysis CRM application. Then constructed at pin guest share of enterprise users for 1.2. Enjoy pin of dispute over a year, now formed breakthrough 5 m. A single point of breakthrough, the effect is very good.

5 m customers, pay more than 700 users, including CCTV, home of the car, sina le ju, etc. Come enjoy pin day 90% active individual users use a mobile phone login and interaction, the average cell phone online up to 35 minutes long. Proposed the main B wheel funds invested in product development and market expansion. Years aim to improve the quality of enterprise WeChat, new collaboration through sales and CRM, simplifying the mobile experience, complete 50 key cities nationwide sales network construction.

over the years, the enterprise Internet services has been no outbreak, in addition to the traditional business owners own limited knowledge and management limited, bloated and product innovation. Instead, small companies are digging the market, from the perspective of the user to do innovation.

in recent years, the rise of the mobile Internet. Chinese boss class also frequent contact with the Internet product, a powerful WeChat may be visible, plus the human cost is higher, the efficiency of enterprises services are non-standard products for small and medium-sized enterprises to accept. Emerging entrepreneurs also more and more open, know how to use excellent products service to the company. But still have to take a view: the outbreak of the enterprise application markets, it is at night, the dawn who to point the fuse, need to wait and see.

PS: conference, constructed at pin President Yang bin hosting capability is very deep and warm the chip is very good.