A single point of breakthrough, tinder antivirus individuals began to open beta version

Internet pay attention to a single point of breakthrough, seize the truth the achievements of the most big companies , old a few examples that baidu search, 360 safe, the cheetah fame in cleaning, millet success in the mobile phone.

but all the wool is on sheep’s body, the single point of breakthrough after baidu to do through the bidding, conveniently binding the safe browser, 360 cheetahs are also promote their products, millet in TV, and millet in the apartment. Admittedly, covers product users, have to find a business model.

cons two now, together will become a burden . Single point breaks through the previous bloated, old product will last in new product single point break off their bloated old product innovation.

because today antivirus industry, to talk about the current market. for commercial appeal, have played the commercial kidnapping . Sogou three-stage rocket mode, 360 is the best practitioners, security guards and antivirus, bundled browser and navigation, traffic and search business, a series of commercial chain. Now also to falter. Jinshan drug gangsters is walking this road, on the tencent this big tree. is not in black who here, just in the written opinions, antivirus giants to guard against new entrants , oneself with a single point of breakthrough into the market entrants in this way again after don’t let this life.

antivirus software current status: bloated, with a variety of derivative products business, with commercial Windows and binding, security software is conveying commercial industry “incubator” . The most obvious result is that security software of resources into the industry problems, but this will not fit and is difficult to give up, eventually become a drag on .

and purity was the innovator’s breakthrough, antivirus software should return to antivirus, don’t do the referee, help users decide , tinder the new version of antivirus at this point to do advocate. Package of 7.7 M, installed hard disk take up 15 M, run the memory footprint of 10 M, quiet is undisturbed main advantages.

overall, anti-virus should be the core of security software. tinder antivirus leader liu gang, a renowned security experts, 2011 leaves the CTO for rising company, when the incumbent leadership, research and development department. Co-founder Mao Jun good at study, malicious code has long been a leader, the core of the host security research division of the work, another co-founder Zhou Junceng Ren Ruixing kernel, head of the technical team, is responsible for the rising of security software for the development of all the kernel driver module. Tinder and security software is the kernel technology research at present.

tinder the product be polished for three years, before only in the security enthusiast circles do small scale promotion, now for ordinary users open beta.

age, there is always a group of revolutionaries and one batch was revolutionary. User) enlightening speed is accelerating, when their perception of the Internet security, giant graft chains on the antivirus business model should be able to become endangered. It’s time to turn around the bow, the revolution and the revolution is always so fast . But for now, still belongs to burgeoning tinder antivirus, big trees, remove blocked, resisting the antivirus industry itself also has a “teaser” food.

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