A single weibo 4.2 million comments is how tempered

4 on 20 day, see you Monday less than a month, weibo on a single microblogging interaction record to be refreshed again. @ M publish a content as “decade dependency, lifelong the red devils!” Weibo has been commented on 420 ten thousand times. Neither see you Monday this sensation of celebrity gossip, nor the horse boat plane lost such big news, just a fans to express love for your favourite team, the result is surprising.

420 how is tempered?

the first is star elements at work.

from netizens can reveal information that although @ M no certification, but it is likely to be exobiology members of exo weibo. The weibo comments in 4 on 20 , 420 , because this day is the birthday of exo, fans spontaneous into such a birthday gift for him.

we see 420 comment on what a concept. Just recently broke microblogging interaction see you Monday , @ the article schoolmate’s public statements by comments today is 192 . @ ma t shirt “and line and treasure” a single quantity of weibo comments as 126 . @ M this weibo comments than articles and ma forging more together.

look from fans, articles and ma forging fans more than the sum of 8700 , and @ M only 179 . But you have to refresh @ the article the records of the classmate, only by @ M fan is made.

this is must to mention another important element, is another star weibo @ Manchester united fans club.

last year, exo fans called for everybody to exo comments on weibo, in this year 4 on 20 day let all exo weibo comments to 420 , as a birthday gift to him. 4 on 20 morning 6 point more, @ Manchester united fans club issued a tweet, content is “ That ‘s according to the I Love Manchester United! the reds must see!” , deserve to go up the @ M forward two years ago a weibo related screenshots and Manchester united, and @ M . Although @ Manchester united fans club only 12 thousands of fans, this tweet as night and 30 points (issued 15 hours) the amount of interaction also only