A startup company staff to read, a baidu employees on comprehension

on July 4, 2014, I left my job from baidu.

I used to think that, I will never be a good employee, because I am too alone, too picky, don’t like obedient boy, and hate all who want to change me. But over the past three years, I changed a lot, I must admit that the process of the so-called “progress”, is the process of recognition, also be “domesticated” process.

the so-called “domesticated”, is to understand rules, abide by the rules, the process of using rules. I am not “domesticated” by some people, but by the law of the society and the workplace domesticated. Once I despise this process, but now, as a qualification of mediocre people, if you want to do something in this society, “domesticated” is inevitable.

I am a mediocre person of qualification, the following result is only applicable to obtuse, qualification of mediocre, I do not apply for the brilliant geniuses.

a, do you have “empathy”?

what do you mean by “empathy”?
Speak a little complicated, empathy is standing on the Angle and position of the parties, to objectively understand the feelings of the parties, and to communicate this understanding to the parties of a way of communication.
Speak a little simple, empathy is “, do as you would be done by “. Shoes, that is, put yourself in to feelings, considerate of other people. To put it bluntly, empathy is “emotional intelligence”.

Empathy is that leader assign a job, do you want to read his purpose, see his evil intentions.

I often encounter such a situation: to arrange work, team members have repeatedly asked said “I got it” “do you have any questions,” repeated confirmation, irrelevantly things still submitted to answer. So in accepting the task, I will confirm to the leader: what is it you want? What is the purpose of you? Once you know this, you can stand at his point of view, to help him to solve the problem effectively.

empathy is that in cooperating with others, understand each other’s needs and psychological help to persuade the other party, the two sides to work toward the same goal. Want to use exertion strength over others, usually not make.

2, obedient, live

7 years ago, I and the Beijing communication radio Pan Jiuyang chat, he said, “what good staff, good staff, simple, just two words: obedient, live”. I always remember, this is wisdom.

what do you mean by “good”? There is an old saying called “work is not east, dead tired also reactive”, who is the “east”? You is directly under the leadership of the “east”, most of the time, listen to what he said yes.

based on my experience, in general, the leaders are higher than you, at least, the point is this: he’s better than your information more comprehensive and more accurate judgment. Because leadership is more likely to come into contact with the higher level, to learn more about the intentions of higher level, he know you don’t know, do you think in your own point of view “do so”, but at a higher level, leadership does not necessarily see it that way.

what do you mean by “live”? Is to lead to your work, you have to finish the report and summary. If the work to for a long time, so you need timely feedback to the leadership. We often make a mistake, the leadership arrangement work, he don’t ask, don’t you also don’t say, black not white don’t mention this thing even if in the past.

in the past? Where is so easy! Leaders know, when you are waiting for him to ask you, “aye Chen, last time to arrange you to do it?” Write you – he has in mind for the label: “unreliable”. A “unreliable” needs 10 to reverse the “on”, the two are difficult to change impression, “unreliable” three “unreliable” you have no chance.

a layer of meaning, “live” and is “more than expected”. The next we chat a little.

3, dignitaries to front, must suffer secretly

“secretly suffering” is a must to front of dignitaries, the reason is not hard to understand. Is true to the suffering is vague, some people will say, I am very young, why not enjoy life? This idea is very common, this is a question of values, have nothing to say, how a person wants to live on. But there are some friends are tangled in the pursuit of ideal and enjoy life, and these friends, can chat.

jack ma has said, we should pursue is a big balance in life, not a little balance (careless) a day. New Oriental has a word: fear hardship bear life, suffering far spent. Two sentences the effect is the same, is worth thinking about.

4, can endure much thing, how can into something

one day to work overtime, get home at 2 o ‘clock in the evening, received the boss’s E-mail, criticize my work does not reach the designated position. I received an email after very collapse, also very grievance. Then immediately away, back to the mail! Explain how I work, how do I make sense, how do I have the effect… Wrote more than 2000 words.

finished writing, I like the calm, I am thinking about one thing: if I were the boss, I work for an employee is not satisfied, so I wrote him email criticize him, I want to see is he hews to explain and justify? Obviously not. Then I suddenly understand, so I have deleted the 2000 words, simple reply a words, meaning is: I will reflect problems of work, then the rectification as soon as possible.

I promotion after two months. In my promotion ceremony, I tell my boss about this matter, he said to me, I know you very grievance, I just want to see you in the face of injustice and pressure, there will be what kind of reaction, it embodies the maturity of a person.

5, always hide leadership, you risk

many people hide leadership, less as far as possible, around the leadership go to talk with leadership. Because with leadership near thing is much, not much contact with leadership, something less, more at leisure. This is “blinded, see”.

if you want to have some success on the job, I suggest should be more active and the leadership communication. Said the leaders meeting in peacetime is DaMianEr, truth, useful and valuable words not said. It is not he didn’t want to say, but no chance to say.

attentive staff will take time and at any time the leadership communication, increases the chances of personal communications: eating and smoking together, work together, and even play karaoke… Through this opportunity, you can learn more about leadership for your opinion, for the work point of view, all these are beneficial to the way you adjust your work.

a friend worried that doing so would cause leadership, in fact not, leaders is lonely, if he is found to have an employee ask he modestly, actively share work of thinking, he is very happy. ?

the boss is also a person, everybody in human communication, everything will be easier.

6, don’t mean to help others

when you are busy with a job, a colleague to ask you to “help”, many times we will be very direct, gruffly refusing to even, but doing so is to give you the work plant the seeds of trouble in the future. The tables have turned, in a company, everyone’s a good chance of working cross each other, you might use who, to maintain these relationships need to be normal. You help someone today, maybe tomorrow will be your lifeline, it is very possible.

7, target goal again, quantitative and quantitative

no goal, don’t work; There is no quantitative, don’t call the target.

when accepting a job, start by asking what is the target; In decorating a work, what is the target account first. This is not clear, is bullshit.

don’t want to be a blindfolded, donkey? So in addition to know their goals, also need to know your department, your company’s goal, the key, you need to know, your work is in what position in the overall goals, and what role. If you found that your work objectives and overall goal relationship is very small, and even has nothing to do, then you are easy to take off.

dismiss employees, or to grade “unqualified” employee performance is very headache, but in fact it is not difficult. The key is to advance and each staff to make quantitative work goal, and remind employees, whether his work has reached the requirement. Not achieve quantitative indicators, dismissal or “unqualified” is the thing, of course, in front of the data, and sentimental person also have nothing to say. On the contrary, if want to talk about feelings, chat, it can not be done.

eight, it’s my duty to find a solution to the problem of

leadership arrangement work, can’t say “I can’t do it”, “I can’t do it”.

company invited us to work, is to solve the problem, if you can’t solve the problem, we will have no value. Work to promote encountered difficulties, not to continue, this is very normal thing, we need to do is take the initiative to find the answers and solutions, even if your way wrong, then go ask, but no matter how to can not say to your leadership, I can’t.

the ability of problem solving is the most key employees, no one. Had some difficulties in work normal, especially at this point, we have an obligation, is to find a solution to the problem.

9, as far as possible don’t say “not I, I don’t have a”

as far as possible don’t say “not me”, “without me” in that case, because these words have no effect and leadership got the pass word, nothing moved. At this time if can take the initiative to take responsibility, it embodies a kind of bear. Even if it’s been wronged, defense is often not the most wise choice, on the spot to remain silent, getting the chance to communication and leadership in private. The detailed in article 3.

10, “least said, soonest mended die miserably

in the company, little gossip, don’t say wrong words, do not do a tattler.

you believe that every word you say, your boss will know. Good things may not, ill is certain. Let’s do a honest man, the most simple, also benefit most. Integrity of the principle is: criticism, said face to face behind the praise.

11, know when to leave

a lot of colleagues and friends and I talked of topic, my suggestion is for friends, because if you find a job, so don’t leave, because regardless of where you spend, the boss don’t like, colleagues don’t lovely relationship, work too tired, too complicated… I with my experience in many big companies work guarantees: almost all the companies I worked, the nasty things are the same.

so when to leave? I think, there are two kind of situations:

1, in the company, you don’t already have the rise space, can’t learn more things;
2, in the company, you have learned enough knowledge, can in the new area or new platform a shot.