A year salary to buy a small toilet in Beijing The status quo of circle game salary

which blocks are fastest in the field of the Internet to make money? Without hesitation said affirmation is a game, a good game can let a small game company immediately immediately explosive growth, “one word, the top” is used to describe a little too much, and I want to say today is not the miracle of entrepreneurship in the game industry, but the present and the present condition of the workers, part of the game industry.

recently, I went back to their hometown, see for a long time not see relatives, also see for a long time did not see a brother, he is engaged in the game industry also have more than five years, is associated with the game project, said a lot of games industry and advertising circle some of the things, so also to share broke the game this circle.

the game industry is a very fast pace circles, most did not have a good game products of company are struggling in the edge of subsistence, day and night to work overtime for the meeting, catch game, bitter b plan every day to the progress of the game was dropped and then drop hair, programmers in order to change the bug had to be urged again and again, to work overtime to the early morning or night is very normal one thing. A lot of new people, just coming into the game industry is take 2 k to 5 k salary, sprint to the ideal, and finally found that did a few years products not ideal shade to leave. In the game industry, high pressure high risk, of course, also with high yield.

I WeChat recently asked me a lot of friends circle game on salary situation, here I am roughly segment said three chunks of the gaming industry average salary status:

1. PC mmos circle: we are the first impression is a legend, miracle, a3, the stone, the first masterpiece magic, in order to play these games in the net cafe in droves of day and night to play, to play a good equipment. Online games at that time very few, but also for the subsequent games industry circle segments laid the many faithful game users, now still can continue to develop large online game company all is Grosvenor LTD handsome type, is the deep background, now a lot of angel investment and VC wouldn’t spend a lot of time to invest in a risky products for a long time, because of a more perfect mmos development cycle at least 2 years.

summary: so can be engaged in research and development of PC gaming projects of practitioners, basically not low salary, in most cities starting salary standard:

(1) PC swim developers: starting from 10 k

(2) the designer PC: starting from 7 k

(3) the medium of the PC market operating personnel: starting from 5 k

(4) PC the personnel of the service: starting from 3 k

2. The web game circle: is the most impressive in all sorts of fiction, animation, film class website popup a variety of pop-up window, to entice users to click on to register into the game, in the web game circles, homogeneity of game very much, and sometimes even into a different game, thought it was in the same game. Over the past few years, the web game circle to create the miracle of also the top gaming industry, a team of 10 people of a small company in Shanghai, a good product, a lot of operating platform to the agent, to 1 month running water, many of these instances are not ShengJu, when baidu, tencent, 360 after the bosses in competition, job-hopping poaching in the web game circle is a common and special talent market and planning research.

summary: engaged in web games, salary is relatively low, in the first-tier cities are mostly 3 k, the ability to experience different salary span is large, also is one of the most easy to accumulate contacts circle, first-tier cities are starting salary standard:

(1) the web game developers: starting 6 k

(2) the web game planning personnel: since starting salary is 5 k

medium (3) the web game market operating personnel: starting from 3 k

(4) the web game the personnel of the service: starting 2 k up

3. Mobile game circle: under the big new form of mobile Internet, Internet circle of bosses are involved in hand tour operating the distribution of r&d, many game companies have also transition to do mobile game, mobile game now, of course, this is the most competitive a battlefield, can scramble to transplant their products to the user’s mobile phone. Hand swim not many really profitable products, research and development costs while the other two circles will relatively low, but the real big spending is on the advertising of.

summary: personnel engaged in research and development of hand swim, wages relative to the other two circles are the highest, in the city of IOS development are mostly 10 k, android development are mostly 8 k, a circle is the easiest way to get a high salary, and development of talents shortage in a circle. Most cities starting salary standard:

(1) mobile games ios developers: starting from 10 k

(2) the android mobile game developers: starting from 8 k

(3) mobile games planning personnel: starting 6 k

(4) the medium of mobile game market operating personnel: starting from 3 k

(5) mobile games the personnel of the service: starting from 2 k

in the field of game industry, the product will always be king, have a good product, natural won’t worry about earnings, base salary is high in the game industry is generally technical positions, in addition, each job has its extra income and accumulation method.

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