ACG players don’t know the game? GameLook editors how to refuse treatment

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last week, GameLook with “title”, analyzes the key elements of the game. But between the lines is acid water cross flow, think that it is not in conformity with the tour industry standard hand, success is not representative significance. Eventually even thrown at ACG non-core players this slide in records of the great “white horse is not horse” map of the gun. Seems the author will also be necessary to again jump out to “teach not seen as an elder people game you a little bit of experience of ginseng.”

what is ACG? Anime (animation), the next row (Comic book), the Game (the Game) three words of the acronym, said ACGer don’t understand the Game obviously didn’t make clear ACG what three words. ACG is the core of Japanese subculture, and preference for Japanese subculture groups can be classified as a narrow sense of otaku or otaku. Otaku is refers in the broadest sense of the term for a certain niche show interest in the field of the crowd. In view of domestic shitty unscrupulous entertainment will remember the word otaku waste became stuck at home like, like to watch the AV lu tube prick silk waste, here I use the word “otaku” to refer to.

the so-called ACG group is a false concept in domestic, domestic Japanese subculture lovers usually is just the anime fans, with the popularization of the Internet. Anime resources through various channels available free, take this ACer group rapid expansion in China. First-tier cities who can come up to three or four times a month, but the threshold of the console 2, 3000 yuan to block out this group of people. Real game house and in the traditional sense of the mobile game ACGer is to disdain to touch the end page, calculate out inconvenient can bring a mobile phone is not as good as a GBA emulator, NDS simulator to play the ace attorney series appear on the style is tall. Even to define domestic this group of people as ACer, but they still belong to otaku. Prefer the depth of entertainment kernel is the same with game curtilage.

the rebellious in repairing, using Gease collective mind control. After a little black this belong to the two dimensional artifact

this sentence is also black ministers of the lines by heart.

home to large audiences to groups, high threshold, the water is very deep. AC circle “quoting” the lines, a scene, a terrier is not any Tom, dick and harry can come out of the planning, not really like subculture immersed within the circle of 4 or 5 years is not likely to make home to work. Game loading when the Japanese that “Yes, Your Highness” from the rebel in repairing the inside part of the guns and equipment spoof of cartoon in the city to kill the black ball equipment, at the same time Boss warning adopted “EVA” style. This game is not you see it is oriented in mango diet laughing their heads off men and women, you don’t understand? Just don’t understand.

domestic swim side mobile game from music and art to video production without pretend bility, young men and women blindly cater to urban-rural fringe prick silk, knead into a ball, the elements of colorful LowB producers think tall on the actual soil to slag. “Collapse academy 2” one of the biggest contribution is finally broke through the domestically produced game urban-rural fringe youth aesthetic “walls”, at the same time to make the game theme is no longer restricted to endless in The Three Kingdoms, westward journey, XianXia martial arts.

“collapse academy 2” art style and feature films style obviously borrowed from Japan’s sega’s Atlus goddess YiWen record/Persona/ペ ル ソ ナ series. , set the style and the color way and the deputy island into memory. MiHoYo painter or worked in a Atlus, either Atlus vice island into a fan. And promotion of the use of color contrast, element, and elements on the style of the basic series recorded can be regarded as the goddess YiWen OP replication.

vice island into a record for “the goddess YiWen record 3” the one who set

vice island into a record for the role of the goddess YiWen recorded 4 draw

collapse two leading role of the academy, have you found that facial painting line, role, method and style of some familiar looking color.

AD with the OP is MiHaYo original from early Vocaloid2 sound recorded “an angel of sin” in the future. The author not V powder, while the melody sounds familiar, but are unable to identify which is plagiarize the early period of the sound of a violin. But can the independent set-up Vocaloid also prove the team great about submission for the original ability, as well as to the curtilage deep cultural roots. The beginning of the game is obvious reference to meat were the academy implied record – the same cause is unknown zombies crisis, is also a gun and forces fight our way out. Although still a start-up company, but the team is in the manner of a Japanese fan community building – is as mihajlovic tourism Slogan: technology curtilage save (mobile game) the world.

submission for the game does not need the marketization operation because of submission for the game players don’t Care these. Submission for players to have their own taste and social circle game, have their own access to information. From the channel is king to content is king is a process of game players mature, fun, anything for you.

from the author’s point of view, the game also has many shortcomings, excessive and insufficient depth of entertainment, selling initiation hard, too hard, with too much, apparently to cater to the domestic “pupils” after 90’s frivolous blindly rushing to input. But as a fan club, want to be like tsukihime, chilling, Orient puma history companions miracle also need a list of your gut. “Collapse academy 2” done their homework, but in skin numerical game, fight no skills, weapons just interesting props system, but the game is repeated boring following an attack. But these shortcomings don’t interfere in this impetuous and silly multi-speed hand swim earn the first bucket of gold market, rice to stutter, way to go step by step. As long as there is like wang fang’s swim the blade of the shadow and mihajlovic collapse academy 2 games like that, can be sent in this era of misrepresentation of discord, also for the industry still hope left.

the three games miracles of human, the east series. The barrage firing barrage luxuriant slag, BGM work wonderful. The most incredible is that the game from the planning to the programming to the artist to music entirely too Tian Shun also arranged one person. Completely is create the miracle of the one man, both Japan and China, the east has a large number of faithful, as well as a variety of technology curtilage make all kinds of secondary and three fan, in the whole subculture circle occupies a large position.

“this life without regret into the east, the afterlife let fantasy township.” – the children often Bilibili Middle East the barrage of
How to define the core players? Choose from rank to the game, from passive to active to receive promotional collects and share information. Players to the crowd from the strategy to the video recording to draw fan four-panel manga, appear even the media player crowd of spontaneous roles. What is the core players, now this, yao’s core players.

GameLook “god” is used to describe the space-time hunter. Editing measure about a game only one month remaining water value standard. 2 d action games props and skill combinations are the core of derivative technique, including the use of the scene. From this point of departure, any FC 2 d horizontal version of the basic can be finished on the quality of critical current of any in the value of ARPG sheep head games. Not to mention the field of 2 d ARPG true god – “devil city” series.

the space-time hunter frames to unbearable, skill effects abrupt, rhythm and chaos, ti whistles and short level to affect the game experience. To cater to the market, to meet the requirements of fragmentation, cater to prick silk machine low-end configuration infinite self squeezing the game on the game experience, how to turn the CU to, how god made. The real CU (Core User) players will care about the client size? Will the game as in the toilet and the bus time? In the face of life love, would you take her as would always available.they prostitutes? The real feelings in the face of the game is so CU players.

Gamelook logically to dig a trap: if pay attention to the game experience, delving into the system, game experience and taste superior is CU players, that the end page swim swim hand play home game experience that wretchedness can kneel in front of senior console gamers. Play hand swim can use CU players, that may the original big we do not God User? In turn just lost a game, whatever game age length is the core players, so the collapse academy 2 player online more than a month, only stick zone the attention of the members and the total number of posts to reach half of “god” zone – collapse academy in player community viscous one alone is enough to the standings.

Fightback in the original big I may the original big we reversed when BLOCKING off chun-li chicken wing fan’s scene. I don’t understand this miracle friends here explain it a little.
Fighting games is the basic unit of time of frame, a second contains 60 frame. nullnullnullnullnull