Adhere to the free WIFI big business, 747 virtual operators

about 747 companies, science and technology in the industry knows, there are few, I’m afraid, but used the WIFI on the user of this product is free of charge, so far, more than 3000 users around the world.

the company was founded in 2009, founded by former netcom zhi-feng song, begin to do customer calls analysis tools “offline”, after sell to baidu. In 2011, zhi-feng song in exploring the choice of telecommunication network and the Internet fusion, the WIFI road is determined. At present, free WIFI access has become a fist products of the company.

in recent days, 747 also officially launched the free WIFI access global version, its free WIFI network access area from domestic to expand to more than 50 countries and regions in the world, to become the world’s first to achieve free WIFI access APP products across the country. Not only that, the company is also actively explore the hardware products, 747 boxes will be listed at the end of July. This is a collection of WIFI Internet traffic and mobile power function of the product, when the first generation of pre-sale has been ordered thousands.

in the increasing popularity of smart phones and office anywhere online entertainment as surging demand, WIFI business is now driven by entrepreneurs and investment institutions. Such as mai di, WiFi sharing elves, tide WiFi, WiFi partners and companies such as WiWide for VC.

of course, the early start and has a certain market share of 747 companies are receiving capital value. 747 operations, President of the son tooth, according to the company since 2009 investment, and received a sum of money in this year, and the original shareholders also. This means that the company will start a new round of expansion.

enter the 747 website, you can see they are doing the products including WiFi free tickets for free, and black rice WiFi (will change its name to 747 box). However, according to the son tooth, lottery free due to factors such as limit of license plates, operation of the product will be shelved for the time being. 747 the company will release in the near future WiFi housekeeper and 747 box two versions.

in this also is important to emphasize that 747 companies for a long time in preparation for smartphone project – black rice, core product selling point is to let users free access to the Internet (WiFi) business, hunting cloud network personally tested black rice cell phone at the end of last year. According to the listed company is the original plan in March this year, but by the company to discuss, for the delay, will be listed, it is not clear.

summary, 747 products are currently in the main concept of WiFi. Such as WiFi butler as free WiFi management portal, mainly is for users to manage and control their own WiFi security, as well as active sharing function; The general principles of the free WIFI is free to registered users to provide domestic operators. 747 box is the built-in operators of 3 g/4 g flow, easy to use.

the practice of 747 is basically to the flow of domestic or foreign operators to buy big package (is far lower than the individual purchase price), and then sold to customers, free or small profit. In addition to the 747 box is fixed price cash, the rest of the product is done by showing ads or ads. At present, the company has achieved its balance of payments.

in fact, this have some similarities with the nature of the existing virtual operators, in terms of the difference, 747 lack of 170 sales service.

the son tooth also admitted it. According to him, 747 currently has basically reached the conditions of virtual operators, the company will consider to apply for the corresponding license application.

the other, according to the latest news at the end of 2015 the pilot period corporation for the development of virtual operator business, must be completed by the end of this month. This means that 747 to develop virtual operator business next year, preparatory work has become an important step in this month.