Adidas want a new generation of Smart the Fit to be your personal trainer

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as Nike may is contemplating to abandon its FuelBand wristband series, Adidas is doing the opposite, released the new Fit Smart series fitness bracelet. The wrist wear recorder looks like Fitbit Fitbit series, but slightly different Adidas market positioning. Differs from the typical fitness track, the second generation of Smart — does not Fit all records the user’s every move, but according to personal specific sports or other physical activity needs to wear and record. At the same time, the new Adidas to Fit Smart with a new design of smartphone applications, in order to realize its function of “the coach”, rather than just on the record.

“Fit Smart is shines through wrist measure heart technology,” Adidas digital sports series, general manager of Faul Gaudio said. Indeed, the new Fit Smart can data recorder measure more than the typical activities, in addition to heart rate, it can also calculate the users burn calories, they count, total length and stride frequency in the process of some applicable activities. Heart rate data record function makes the Fit Smart stand out; And on the basis of the user the usual heart rate data, hand ring of LED dot matrix display can respectively through blue, green, yellow and red light is to reflect the user’s strength of the pulse, in order to can give the activity user real-time feedback.

the same heart rate for different users does not mean that the same activity. In view of this, the second generation of Smart the Fit to the basic exercise intensity as a benchmark to evaluate the resistance level to the user. Once it is to measure your level of physical quality, the strength of the block is marked by blue, green, yellow constitutes the Fit index based Smart to belong to your training. Unlike bare like Fitbit application, Adidas MiCoach series application in addition to simple record function, also includes many other indicators: Adidas promises that it will be a variety of activities carry “hundreds” of training plan. And your heart rate data is the key to all functions.

the latest upgrade MiCoach applications (this use iOS, Android, and their fitness to laugh again goblin!) Will be Fit you use Smart to set the fitness to place. Weekly goals, that is, make sure you spend some time on the strength of each goal every week to exercise indicators, in the initial stage is relatively easy to do; And during the process of recording fitness at the same time, also constantly monitor your get into the habit of exercise.

at the same time, Adidas are also adding more priorities set function for long distances, such as long distance 10 km. Even if the other hundreds of users like you choose the same overall goal, but MiCoach application can according to your level of physical quality and you can exercise intensity adjustment for you. Gaudio said: “we are trying to install their own personal trainer into everyone’s wrist, and our tenet and the better solution is to help activists”.

the device itself, although the classic black and white and dichromatic than Fuelband + SE or Jawbone Up slightly less than in fashion sense, but the second generation of Smart — continue to remain the most Fit wrist wear fitness practical appearance style of the recorder. But then again, since the design aim of Adidas is to “not often wear”, then the fashion sense in front of the practicability becomes less important. Bracelet of silicon metal material to wear very comfortable, the larger screen also improves readability, let you see a quick glance at the wrist can also convenient for the adjustment of the activity. Fit Smart to be able to record the activity data of nearly 10 hours, and synchronization via bluetooth to your account.

compared to competitive products, such as Fitbit, the new Fit Smart in the expansion of the function has a greater degree. So the Adidas will be on sale in August this year’s new product priced at $199 would not be too let a person be unable to stand – though this price higher than the Jawbone UP and Nike Fuelband + $50, $100 higher than the Fitbit Flex. But for those who see their steps more than just want to improve your fitness level of activists, Adidas bet: can have a more diverse data and more training with individual customization options, the extra investment in absolute value.