Adsense only in Spanish

Looking for tips and tricks for adsense I came across a curious article on how to get adsense ads appear only in Spanish.

The first thing I thought was that I have never had this problem, that is, my ads have always appeared in Spanish, I have never had them in another language, but the same can be due to the structure of the page, meta …

The fact is that in several forums an email is shown in response to a query to the adsense group

“Also, in order for us to better target Google ads for the content of your pages, you must use a version of our ad code that includes a slight modification. Please insert the following line of JavaScript in your current AdSense ad code:

google_language = ‘is’;

Insert this code into a new line above the line of the current code that starts with:

// ->

Note that this ad code should only be used on pages whose content is mostly in Spanish. If you have any questions or problems regarding this code, please notify us. ”

Does it seem easy, right? The worst of all is that in some places the possibility is mentioned that this is not legal, and that according to the terms and conditions of use the Adsense code can not be modified.

When the stars go blue

From soylopeor I could see this video of the song “When the stars go blue” I loved the way to sing it, because this version is the original Ryan Adams, but above all I liked the video of the taxi driver touring New York .. what memories …

Another site to measure the popularity of a website

It seems that the sites that “analyze your page” in search of a measurement to be able to compare the “popularity” of your website with respect to others, now it’s pupuri’s turn, I hope you like it.


Looking through the statistics of my blog, I noticed a visit to the page, surprised (I do not know who could link from that page to my blog) I followed the link and this has taken me to its statistics panel.

Apparently and to my astonishment I am the 8 page that most visits sent them 🙂 the first is the direct access with more than 300,000 visits.

Visits graphic.

From what I have been able to verify from this blog, 1,312 visits have been made to its page. On top of it, the forum of my dearest Tito Torbe and to my amazement below, google!

PS: The graph is constantly updated, today I have uploaded one position.

In Turkey, too

If a few days ago I was posting a news about restricted access to the internet in Cuba, today it is the turn of Turkey, where they have blocked access to any blog. Freedom of expression?

Gtalk curiosities

Some curiosities about Google-Talk, the strongest alternative to messenger.