, advances the strategy of Microsoft’s new: cut 1.8 6 (70%)

Microsoft CEO, just announced that Microsoft officially open the one of the largest layoffs activities: cut 18000 jobs over the next 12 to month, accounts for nearly 15% of Microsoft than total global employees, six months before will cut 13000 jobs.

it is important to note that just official Microsoft’s arms of nokia mobile phone manufacturing and services, has become the Microsoft of hard-hit: Microsoft, nokia sector cut 12500 jobs, accounted for 70% of the total number of layoffs. And after to join Microsoft family nokia employees approximately 25000 people, this means that nokia mobile phone and workers will be laid off 50% of the manufacturing sector.

and former CEO Steve ballmer to implement the strategy of “hardware + service”, just took office in February this year’s new CEO, pursues the new strategy, core is to focus on his mobile, and cloud computing, but that doesn’t mean he should completely give up hardware product, just reduce the proportion of service.

, said that Microsoft has reached the point where they have to change. And change the first step is to streamline institutions, improve the flexibility of decision-making, promote cultural and business transformation. Although and struggle together comrades say break up very difficult, but in order to a common love of the future development of the enterprise,, only reluctantly to do so. Microsoft’s commitment, will provide all employees with proper employment resources compensation fees and as far as possible.

as, in the open letter said: “never because you once glorious history and respect you, only innovation can let us get the location of the application!”