After 90 entrepreneurs come, how to understand the Internet?

the author: phase hin

into the society, has gradually become the mainstream of the present after 90, these there are both energy and momentum after 90 began to become entrepreneurial powerhouse. In today’s special “products salon 90 entrepreneurs” activities, five after 90 young entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial experience and experience of the road.

sharp wave technology, founder and CEO Sun Yuchen: freedom, competition, personalization is after 90 definition of security

in Sun Yuchen opinion, perception of security after the 90 and 90 after very different, for the Internet rumors “collective memory” after 80, he said he could not understand. In his view, the collective memory means, monopoly and centralized control. But in today’s era of information explosion, is under the influence of the Internet, after 90, for them, there was no collective memory competition, freedom and individuation is after 90’s pursuit of the mainstream, is the main source their sense of security.

Sun Yuchen way to own a dream is defined as “risk”, in the environment of the risks outweigh the benefits, entrepreneurs need to think about how to make a choice.

for investors, the choice of Sun Yuchen have their own thinking, he hopes to meet with investment experience and have a passion for the investors after 90, “so to to our ideas and personality are very tolerant, can be together, when meeting difficulties and really bullish on this career.”

hunan changde rice FuNiu founder Tian-yi zhang: Internet thinking and I have nothing to do

someone once described FuNiu don beef powder shop is the thinking of the traditional food and beverage industry, thanks to the Internet, for this kind of definition, tian-yi zhang just want to say one word: ha ha. He tend to define themselves in the Internet age to do traditional business, through the Internet FuNiu hall can come into contact with more hunan rice eaters, attract more people, in addition, tian-yi zhang will through social media will FuNiu hall “kitchen” after open, the recipe contribution to more beef powder enthusiasts. “In spite of this, but is not to the level of thinking”.

and with other active choice of entrepreneurs entrepreneurship this road is different, the financial law professional background tian-yi zhang had never thought to entrepreneurship, for him, this is more like a kind of passive choice, is because of fear, want to escape from the current’s constraints in real life and have to make a choice, “I don’t know business will not make me better, but I don’t know business will only let me worse”.

“sing” founder Mulberry: yoon for 90 after you don’t need to understand, it is good to listen to

in mulberry yoon’s view, entrepreneurship should be neither after 90, should not be belittled or suppressed, “we don’t expect to get don’t understanding of generation, can be at ease were enough to listen to, because of the new age is bound to have a new value,” when in contact with the investors, mulberry yoon is also hold the same attitude.

mulberry yoon prefer adidas slogan “All or nothing” in to explain their understanding of the business, the business must have courage, not afraid lose don’t lose. After 90, in his opinion, the entrepreneur has become a powerhouse, and the free group will become of the spirit of entrepreneurship, which is after the 90 business in the present moment is such a strong focus on one of the reasons.

the developer community SegmentFault co-founder and CEO of gao Yang, and the product requires constant iterative

gao Yang has a mature and age disproportionate, although the age is not big, but it is entrepreneurial five or six years, his SegmentFault together more than 100000 developers now, hope to become China’s leading developer community. Years of entrepreneurial experience let gao know, people and products, also need to constantly iteration, a few months to self reconstruction again, this is a process of self-improvement.

mentioned their future planning, gao Yang said the programmer’s time has come, they are most productive of a group of people. If we can put this group of developers gathered together, provide the most professional platform for them, can help the entire Internet and mobile Internet industry for the better.

face of CEO guo columns: dream after be on the road again

today, the face of success to detonate the social platform and reached the top of the “App list” goal, to say the guo on startup dream has come true, but after the ups and downs for entrepreneurship, guo column just detection, originally this road is not as romantic as I thought.

he also admitted that after the periodic success, need to get at the self-confidence to curb clear of inherent thing to hit the road. After the face of, for example, guo column will products in extension in cartoons, expression, community, will do some new products have nothing to do with manga.

after the departure of confusion and the joy of success, guo column had more clear understanding for the product concept: first, the strong demand, will be young people of personalized display; Second, honing, according to user feedback, iterative once a week; Third, focus, nine people do a portrait application; Fourth, sincere to the customer, no push, no score, do the most pure product.


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