After acquired by amazon, Comixology decisive castrated within the app

since Comixology announced it acquired when it 10 days ago, comic fans know this day will come, but I didn’t think so fast.

Comixology issue is the most popular digital comic platform, readers can easily by their iOS, Android applications and online platform to buy comic book, and then use official application to read in a variety of devices. Within the application, users found: can’t through apple pay to buy comic book! The iOS turned into a pure comic reading application, buy comic only by Comixology website.

this is the amazon consistent means, the purpose is to escape the “exploitation” of the apple. In the Appstore application, as long as occurring within the application to purchase must be conducted by Apple ID, Apple will take 30% of into.

amazon Kindle iOS official application within the same can’t be used to buy. The reader can through the other platform with amazon payments to pay, and then through the iOS app download simultaneously. Of course, it brought inconvenience to the user. But convenient user must give way to the amazon’s strategy.

then began to push to get rid of the same version of Google Play Comixology application Google official payment method must deduct 20% (Google). Android platform more open, of course, Google can only access Google Play is not mandatory to pay, so the user can still buy books through the Android version Comixology applications, but is USES Comixology own pay channels.

of course, in order to appease the user emotions, Comixology to upgrade the user provides a $5 gift card. Better than nothing.