After apple WWDC, who became the favourite, who was unlucky again?

apple held in the morning on today. The conference released iOS, Mac OS 10.10; Introduced a smart home control center HomeKit, health monitoring service HeathKit… The change of the apple is never affect only to their own. Has the world’s 800 million apple users (500 million iPhone users), even a small change again, will give a whole ecosystem. So after WWDC in 2014, a few who were glad several sorrow?


, headed by Pinterest social applications

iOS 8 allows users to more applications sharing the URL in the browser, and not just the large applications like Facebook and Twitter. Users do not need to leave the browser, you can file sharing, this is a iOS a huge progress. This, no doubt will give share as the core of many social applications, greater user groups and more frequent social behavior.

, represented by Nike health tracker application

8 add iOS HealthKit services, can be unified collect or health tracking application data provided to a third party. Unified health information to view, management is using to promote the use of the user experience.

EA, Epic, Unity and Crytek game developers such as

8 new iOS attached apple “Metal” graphics processing optimization technique, can keep the cell phone game is close to the host image.

, the currency used

according to apple’s App Store guidelines laid down by the latest shows that apple has no longer banned the currency trading application submitted. The premise is that they will abide by the provisions of the federal government about virtual currency trading.


, represented by Dropbox cloud storage applications

8 iOS or Mac OS10.10, we all find apple’s cloud service has been slowly from behind the scenes to the front. Apple hope on the basis of cloud storage, cloud cooperative management, unified different apple system platform. Up to Drive this trend is apple typical representative. It allows the user to the Mac OS, the iOS and Windows sync files between three platforms. In addition, the service with the Finder file collection, management functions, convenient for users to find different platforms, stored in a file of the up to Drive.

, represented by Hightail mail application

Hightail mail applications such as the biggest characteristic is can let don’t walk the recipient’s mail server, and from the cloud server to download the application. Nowadays, iOS 8 launch MailDrop feature, allowing users to save too much attachment in ripped, after take the form of a link in the email.

, represented by Snapchat and WhatsApp mobile IM applications

the iOS and Mac OS 8 Messages of support voice, video, burn after reading, etc. For apple has 800 million users, this is a great progress. But for the others on the iOS mobile IM applications, prospects seem less optimistic.

, (such as electronic signature application

8 iOS and Mac OS 10.10 allows the user to add electronic signature on pictures, etc.

· Skitch image annotation applications such as

Mac OS 10.10 allow users to email the picture to add text, pictures and so on.

· Glympse location sharing applications such as

Messages allows the user to the location as additional information to share with friends.

those who do not understand apple’s app store, the application of human editors developers

the future App Store part of the application of search results, will add is similar to the “edit selected” label. This means that human editors influence will be further deepened in the App Store.

caught in the middle between the two, the weak

Box, Box of vigorously developing the enterprise cloud services may be able to become a candidate, but like Dropbox, etc, are bound to receive up to the impact of the Drive.

Swype and SwiftKey: for third-party keyboard input applications, apple adopted is wooing and defensive attitude. On the one hand, the iOS 8 allows users can choose to use a third-party keyboard input application; On the other hand, apple has updated for their applications. Such as adding intelligence input associations, and other functions.

Google and Bing: although apple has always wanted to get rid of Google search, but the Google still as the default search of Safari. Microsoft’s Bing is there any chance? Has, such as apple’s latest released using the Bing Translate tools.