After fu the essential oil, carved ye beef brisket, meng wake manicure service once again

(word/qing nan)

16 July morning, carved ye meng wake on weibo suddenly announced his new project has been planned for some time recently – beaver home manicure. He revealed that the project was before the Spring Festival and won the IDG’s investment, the latest valuation has reached 300 million yuan.

meng wake self-proclaimed “ye”, in public with real name rarely, though has become one of the industry to share “dry” and the sharp point of famous mentors, unique thinking, not only good at marketing, more important is he found cross-border business opportunities.

prior to that, carved with ye also continuous fu essence oil and ye beef brisket, and have a good brand effect and income generation, and stable growth. Anything to do a make-up, a restaurant, but he has been playing popular. Today, fu oil every year several hundred million in sales. Carving ye beef brisket is after opened two stores obtain 60 million yuan investment, the given value as high as 400 million yuan.

today, carved ye again play crossover and shift to the manicure services, “the beaver” launched online website, homophonic “reasonable price”. For now, it’s more like a O2O service project. After users download the mobile App can be online booking manicurist. Nowadays, iPhone, android client have been launched.

the data shows, beaver home belonging to Beijing beaver home information technology co., LTD., was established on June 11, 2014, the registered capital is 1 million yuan, the natural person shareholders include meng wake of hotan across two people.

the day on July 16th, carving, according to ye on weibo manicure service total is over thousand single that day, among them, eight hundred in Beijing, Shanghai, two hundred single, more cities have opened. Companies are recruiting a product manager, operations planning, technology and talents.