After Galaxy Nexus, a Google phone will be into space

NASA (NASA) is planning to Google Tango phone move into space. It is reported, this phone will serve as a floating space of the auxiliary equipment, better assist the astronaut in daily navigation, etc. What’s interesting is that this is not for the first time Google phones have the honor to fly in space.

Google Tango project, simply is to use a variety of sensors, the various scenarios of indoor and outdoor stereo, restore to the life. And NASA is currently using the SPHERES (sphere) robot, just can make use of this technology. The SPHERES over a built-in sensors, colorful shell, the small spherical robots floating in space. It’s main function is currently using ultrasonic, infrared method to detect objects, such as navigation and positioning, etc.

Terry, head of the NASA intelligent robot project team Fong pointed out: “the meaning and the Google cooperation. We want to use some of the most advanced and have the commercial prospects of technology, to complete the cooperation between robot, robot detection space, etc.”

it is understood that Google Tango will be in this summer, officially opens to fly to space travel.

it is important to note that this is not the NASA and the Google cooperation for the first time. As early as in 2011, Google three crown prince, produced by samsung Galaxy Nexus, had been as auxiliary tool of the SPHERES is robot, and appear in the space station.