After phone unit to sell to Microsoft, nokia’s new CEO to start a new journey

nokia mobile communications network, head before yesterday appointed Rajeev thought as the new CEO.

Microsoft has completed the acquisition of nokia mobile phone division. Over the past 20 years is the core of nokia mobile phone department business, “nokia” the brand is also so for global consumers. Without the mobile phone business, nokia also with three core businesses: left NSN department (communication scheme and equipment), Here the map, and patents.

Before joining nokia,

thought 1995 leadership NSN department. NSN is originally a joint venture with nokia and Siemens, known as the “NSN” industry, later, nokia bought shares will it into a wholly owned subsidiary of Siemens, changed its name to nokia network solutions company (NSN).

sell mobile phone plan to Microsoft, nokia’s return for $6.9 billion. The company also announced.

Risto, chairman of nokia Siilasmaa said “nokia will open a new chapter. Nokia’s board of directors and I firmly believe, Rajeev is best suited to lead the company forward.”

without the nokia mobile phone business basic out of the consumer market, focus on the enterprise market in an all-round way. NSN main users in telecom enterprises, Here the map will no longer continue to Android and iOS version, but focus on mapping solution. Authorized patent business enterprise as the main object (eu warned nokia not even do patent trolls).

the new nokia, will slowly fade from public view and the range of media attention. That is to say, readers, it is difficult to see again “nokia” related news. Even mention nokia news, that is “Microsoft mobile division” launched by the dozen “nokia” brand of smart phone. The elop said that while brand licensing got ten years, but, but as soon as possible to enable the new brand.

so, let’s say goodbye to “veteran” nokia in advance, also said goodbye to our past years. Our generation, and there are a few people used nokia?