After the IPO Twitter first results have been mixed, after-hours share price fell 10%

as the IPO after the first quarter, Twitter’s average results. Although revenue increase, user scale continued to rise, but still can’t satisfy investors. It is understood that Twitter after-hours trading prices fell below $40 ($38.69), down nearly 10%.

let’s look at Twitter results in satisfactory data:

Twitter Q2 2014 total revenue of $250 million, that figure rose 119% last year compared to the same;

active users increase in the number 14 million, from 241 million to 255 million, up 25% year-on-year.

among them, from the mobile Twitter users to 198 million, accounted for about 78%.

look at Twitter results in worrying data:

Twitter 2014 Q2 losses continue to expand to $1.32, compared with the expanded four times last year;

although the number of active users continued to climb, but the growth rate is less than the previous quarter (30%).

user engagement to ascend, but the overall decline in time display page views, below last year’s peak.

all of the data, we summed up in one word: how to keep the number of active users growth is slowing, and improve the effect of display advertising is the most let Twitter management headaches. Compared with the continuing losses, which is most concerned about investors.

of course, hold $22 cash cow Twitter is money.