Aftermath take honey, your subway ads can be fired

it is not worth to write the product. Attention to this thing because, honey optimal APP already can’t use. Why the subway ads has not been removed.

if you had the opportunity to sit on the fifteenth day of the Beijing metro line, in February 13 years heard looping shot honey stochastic optimal advertising, OMG, you will feel everything is floating clouds.

coupons, this product is used to a hot sector. Tintin is favorable, preferential pudding, etc are doing. Take honey if not notice on the subway, also don’t know the product exists.

first to introduce the product, take honey optimal (lucky – bee) is produced by Beijing new as star advertising co., LTD., through the way of the game to allow the user to acquire the information of merchant coupons. In the last two years is a new model, but in general while the iron is hot still need their own hard, honey optimal bravery is quite big, their products should be said that when there are many shortcomings dare to make advertisement on the subway attack Fried. I don’t know where his hand is coming from.

and hunting cloud network found the reports of this product are seldom found online, some are also a few anodyne soft wen. His official website been unable to open, lucky bee destined not to fly far away. Official weibo update time stopped in September 2013. Development for honey optimal Beijing new visual star has the website can’t open. Point of view, this product has technologies-but.

through online search, found that optimal development take honey Beijing new as star also had another product move watching TV, Is now also don’t have access to. The author also prepares to experience after download, when see the product interface, has been no open interest.

it is important to note that had taken the honey, move the watch TV team of COO Shi Gongxin founded the new company: plutus cat (Beijing) international culture media co., LTD., the introduction of website is that alibaba “little” the country’s first authorized service providers. Do the “little” mobile Internet marketing and operation service. Now is a low profile.

but it is undeniable that take honey is dead, the lucky bees fly farther. What the reason is that, it is worth pondering.

Maybe a little make a mountain out of a molehill, this article take honey optimal but is product of one of the millions of mobile Internet failure, but why still want to bring it, because it is one of the few start-ups in the case of premature product is on the subway for media coverage. Do propaganda is very beautiful, the product is very bad, the two contrast, cause marketing becomes a satire. At the beginning the aggressive marketing strategies is for whatever reason, we don’t know. But no matter how, while the iron is hot, or their own hard this sentence is right. Finally hunting cloud network will doubt: the subway how long will take honey optimal advertising exist? Maybe it will disappear after the expiration of the contract.