Ali 11 Main is launched, the overseas edition of “day” cat stirring electric business pattern

according to the investment in the United States set up the e-commerce sites of 11 Main beta has been officially launched. Although analysts said 11 Main in a short period of time can’t shake the status of eBay and amazon, but 11 Main President and general manager Mike Effle said firmly: “ali will explore their own niche in the overseas market!”

at present, the news has already received alibaba (weibo) official confirmation.

(image has a bright spot, hunting cloud network editor you invite you to look for the “crop”)

Mike Effle said 11 Main is an online boutique store, focusing on fashion and style, family and outdoor, such as maternal and infant and child more than one category. although overseas electrical business competition is intense, but he said ali never without see the market outlook, just blindly launched 11 Main.

as a result of 11 Main now were invited to test in the process, we are also unable to login to the page. Most testers after use, said 11 Main pattern is similar to Tmall mall. 11 Main page design more concise and easy, provide more blank space, and there’s no flashing display advertising, etc.

in addition to different page design, 11 Main seems to have two new features: first, allows the photo-sharing website commodity information to Pinterest; Second, allows businesses to add video, about goods behind the “good story”.

it is understood that ali will initially in numerous applicants, selects 1000 shops in 11 Main first. Compared with the large and super large retailers, 11 Main focus more on small, independent businesses.

after hunting cloud network reported the news about 11 Main. 11 Main as a “to provide users with the specific owner ‘interesting and high quality products of electric business platform”, before has not officially launched, it has attracted a lot of stores from eBay and other platforms. It is worth noting that businesses want to log in 11 Main need pay 3.5% sales commission. But that figure is still well below 10% of eBay.

at present, the beta version of 11 Main haven’t butt alipay service. Analysts pointed out that this does not mean that after ali won’t pay treasure as 11 (one of) the Main payment way.

about ali launched 11 Main purpose, opinions vary. In addition to develop international market, the following obvious benefits must carry:

first, domestic electricity competition pressure, the first to enter the overseas markets, with the domestic business potential of horns;

second, time is very subtle: 11 Main introduced in less than two months time ali is listed in the United States. Obviously, at the moment is launched 11 Main increase the weight of the IPO;

third, an important bottleneck restricting alibaba to break overseas, is the concern about the “fake pirated” bad reputation. Cast a overseas startup, etc., can desalt overseas users such as stereotypes of taobao brand .