Ali: blatant listed at a time

xiao-bo wu note: alibaba has always been a company the hustle and bustle, or for Mr Ma, the noise is a kind of productivity, the business school of statement is “attention economy” (the pa of attention). Predictably, both to denigrate or praise is farewell salute listed in ali. The meaning of li xiang article has alarmed critics, but I would like to quote the greeks solon’s words should be: with no one in that he can be thought of as before the end of the happiness.

article/li xiang (the world of finance and economics editor)

the alibaba group, much attention has been paid to the market every step of the process with the Hong Kong stock exchange on the partner system after the debate from a distance, announced to the public about it chooses the pros and cons of the public analysis and submit a prospectus after the study of its prospectus toss and turn, media during the quiet period for its various comments and reports, and each time to update the prospectus after a new round of reviews and reports.

become the focus of media attention including 27 partner alibaba, partner system, company management and shareholder rights debate, Mr. Ma will become the richest man, complain can’t understand its acquisition strategy, Mr. Ma’s private plane, listed may make 8000 dollar millionaires, and, more recently, on alibaba should be “black” debate since the media, etc.

some media even forced alibaba to break the quiet period of silence to show their position. is one of the report, the New York times article about alibaba investors. Listed behind this paper entitled “alibaba” red generation “winners”, points to the three investment arm of alibaba shareholder bo yu, citic capital HeGuoKai financial capital. Alibaba is forced to reply, the information released in September 2012, financing has been, but also the invest of three agencies and other investors are the same price. “we have repeatedly expressed our gratitude to this era with awe. We also again stated in this company’s position: the only thing we have only the background of the market. To the outside world imposed on the company’s various background, we haven’t, we now have no, also do not need in the future!” alibaba issued via weibo said in reply.


a blatant listed

alibaba to release another public response, it calls itself “is having an organized public opinion to blackmail”, publicly complained that the agency requirements companies $300000 to buy out a report of the study of alibaba. Then, alibaba public relations staff in the microblog accused of “IT time weekly”.

all reminiscent of August 19, 2004, Google listed before.

American writer Richard Brandt said: “this has become a memory in the mock offering… Listed a few months before, the transformation of media reports on Google company I have never seen before.”

Google’s chief executive, Eric? Schmidt said: “before the ipo of four months, we got the worst news ever.”

Google has accused at least include the following:

1. The violation of the provisions of the quiet period shall not release information. the reason is that a few months before the launch, the two founders, larry? Page and sergey brin? Brin accepted the playboy magazine interview. The securities and exchange commission is whether or not they violated the rules listed the quiet period before the launch an investigation. Finally, larry? Page and sergey brin? Brin agreed “to ensure that everyone is interested in the stock can get the same information, the playboy interview included in the prospectus for potential investors”.

Google founders larry? Page and sergey brin? Brin

2. Submit a prospectus disclosure of the information is inadequate. Richard? Brandt said, because “they talk about things you have done for the world of great more interested in, rather than explain the financial prospects of the company. They submit to the securities and exchange commission (SEC) are included in the financial report titled “don’t be evil” and “make the world a better place ‘section, it makes them look more amateur”.

3. Google is not a good investment projects. some professional investors in the media said, compared with Google, yahoo is a better investment projects. Google’s revenue sources rely on a single advertisement, and yahoo’s source of income is much more widely. For market value after previously listed on Google, analysts also began to doubt.

4. Google two-level stock system belongs to the poor corporate governance – for major issues, AB Settings, and makes the ordinary shareholders can get 1 ticket vote per share, larry? Page, sergei? Brin and Eric? Schmidt is 10 votes voting rights can be obtained. It may be possible to make the company management ignored even violate the interests of shareholders and investors. In the prospectus, Google explains why they do it, is to “protect Google innovation ability, and keep its most uniqueness qualitative company structure”.

later the criticism of Google wants to add a: its diversity. Google executives insisted that he is still a search company, however, Google spokesman David? Klein said: “we hold in any way we want to define the rights of the search.” Richard? Brandt writes: “really? Personal computer applications, E-mail, phone operating system, Web browser, wikipedia kiosk, social networks and photo editing sites really belongs to the category of “search”? Scholars and Google rival criticism far strolled out its core mission, attempt to receive the whole computer industry.”

Google define diversification search

of course, to today’s these critics had less and less. Today, Google is already a $400 billion market value approximation Internet company, has also been recognized as one of the most great Internet companies. It is considered aimless diversity in earlier today has also been praised as a visionary.

alibaba listed suffered a similar charge: from information disclosure, the sustainability of the profit model to corporate governance and its acquisition strategy “to buy the whole China’s Internet”. We through various about the comments of the company have had a chance to see it. Of course, I dare not say I have enough knowledge of alibaba, or have enough insight to determine today’s alibaba whether match the criticisms. is the biggest confidence I, I am familiar with a lot of time in the history of human in today’s stupid comment – people comment fast speed to prove such stupid is becoming serious and will continue to become serious.

comment quickly proving this stupid is becoming serious

after the alibaba B2B listed 2008, I have seen a ma, then he said a word I was quoted in one of my article: “on November 6, we listed, the day before, there are a lot of people say I’m bragging, in doubt me, but the second day, all people are praised me. I don’t know what changes have taken place between a day I?”

this time, Mr. Ma and alibaba again with his best performance to prove, alibaba also is China will have one of the greatest Internet companies.