Ali disclosed for the first time a partner list, co-founder of the 7 seats

alibaba today updated prospectus, in addition to the disclosure of the latest financial data, the company disclosed for the first time the company list and 27 partners office performance, in addition, also announced the list of nine members of the board of directors of listed companies in the future.

fiscal 2014 net profit of 23.403 billion yuan

in fiscal year 2014 (April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2014), alibaba group’s total income of 52.504 billion yuan, up 52.1% from a year earlier, the profit is 23.403 billion yuan, up 170.6% from a year earlier. Platform to complete the goods clinch a deal amount reached about 1.68 trillion yuan (including, taobao 1.172 trillion yuan, 1.172 trillion yuan Tmall), compared with the 2013 fiscal year increased by 55.8%; The number of active buyers reached $255 million, an increase of 23 million in the first quarter of 2014 alone.

in the field of Mobile e-commerce, data show that alibaba fiscal 2014 Mobile goods clinch a deal amount (Mobile GMV) reached 319 billion yuan, the year 81 billion is a sharp increase of 394%. In the first quarter of 2014 active users mobile end month rose to 163 million, only a quarter is greatly increased by 19.9%. While a full takeover of UC, let alibaba won the 264 million active users worldwide.

data show that in the first quarter of 2014, alibaba group mobile transactions accounted for the proportion of the total turnover increased from 10.7% to 27.4%, the total turnover of 118 billion yuan. In the first quarter of 2014 wireless revenues than the same period last year increased by 691%, to 1.162 billion yuan, the income proportion is as high as 12%.

disclosed for the first time a partner list

jack ma, Mr. Tsai, Mr. Lu and Peng Lei 27 people form the alibaba team partner. A slight difference with the prospectus disclosure is, alibaba partners in disclosure by 28 people reduced to 27 people, one of the partner according to the company’s articles of association to achieve the mission, no longer as alibaba partner.

this 27 partners, including 22 alibaba group’s management (the two partners is also small micro gold take management position), and other four small micro gold service management and a novice network management.

the list shows that in alibaba partner, founder and grow up with company management personnel of the founder of the management into the company (2004 years ago) and introduce professional management talents from outside roughly kept 2:4:4 proportion.

among them, 18 of the alibaba group’s founder, seven people entered the partner alibaba group, jack ma, Mr. Tsai, 吴咏铭, Peng Lei, Dai Shan, him and Jiang Fang; Into the company and in 2004 years ago, self made by the company partners with a total of nine, is Mr. Lu, Jiang Peng (mitutoyo), Peng Yijie (wing chit), TongWenGong, wang shuai, Wu Minzhi, Zhang Jianfeng line (epilepsy) and Ms. Cheung (basic).

in addition, there are 11 ali partner is after 2004 into the company, is a company from the social from all walks of life to introduce high-level management personnel, financial, legal, technical, and other professional fields.

after company listed, the alibaba group board of directors will consist of nine people. Mr. Ma, Mr. Tsai, Mr. Lu and Mr. Zhang four people as an executive director to the board of directors. Softbank has nominated masayoshi son as a non-executive director. And Yang, tung chee-hwa, Walter Kwauk (Walter Kwauk) and Michael Evans was invited as an independent non-executive director to alibaba group board of directors.

at present, yahoo representatives Jacqueline in plug wire (Jacqueline d. RESES) disclosed in the directors list, according to the previous agreement, after officially listed in alibaba, yahoo will exit the seats. Alibaba group’s board member for 9 people in the end.

attached: alibaba partner list

name age sex join alibaba (or associated with the company’s) position

Cheng Li 39 male 2005 small micro gold service group, chief architect

kardashian 37 female 1999 alibaba group chief customer service officer

the road is the fan 41 male 2007 small micro gold dress group, vice President of

xiao-ming hu 44 male 2005 small micro gold service group, chief risk officer, ali small credit risk officer

Jiang Fang 40 female 1999 vice President of alibaba group

Jiang Peng 40 male 2000 vice President of alibaba group

well in xian building 41 male 2005 small micro gold service group, chief financial officer,

him 44 male 1999 alibaba group, senior vice President of

Liu Zhenfei 42 male 2006 vice President of alibaba group

Mr. Lu 44 male 2000 alibaba group chief executive

49 male 1999 group executive director ma

Peng Lei 40 women 1999, alibaba group chief talent officer of small micro gold dress group chief executive

Peng Yijie 35 female 2000 small micro gold service group, vice President of

shao xiaofeng 48 male 2005 alibaba group chief risk officer

Timothy A.S TEINERT 54 male 2007 alibaba group’s general counsel,

TongWenGong 43 female 2000 rookie chief operating officer, senior vice President of

Mr. Tsai 50 male 1999 group executive vice President of the

jian wang 51 male 2008 alibaba group chief technology officer

wang shuai 39 male 2003 alibaba group chief marketing officer

Wu Minzhi 42 female 2000 vice President of alibaba group

maggie wu 45 female 2007 alibaba group chief financial officer,

吴咏铭 39 male 1999 alibaba group, senior vice President of

YuSiYing 39 2005 female vice President of alibaba group

Ming zeng 44 male 2006 alibaba group chief strategy officer

Gavin zhang 40 male 2004 vice President of alibaba group

zhang yong 42 male 2007 alibaba group chief operating officer

zhangyu 44 female 2004 vice President of alibaba group