Ali group holds 66% stake in UC is divided into two times to complete

alibaba group has made no secret of UC strategic investment, the real secret is alibaba’s proportion of UC. With alibaba group announced the prospectus, its proportion of UC first broke out, the current alibaba holds a 66% stake in UC, divided into two times to complete.

the prospectus shows that in March 2013, alibaba group spent $506 million (3.13 billion yuan) strategic investment, UC from UC original shareholders shares, by December 2013, alibaba group to further increase its stake in UC, cash payment of $180 million (1.097 billion yuan).

alibaba group before and after the total need to pay 4.207 billion yuan to UC shareholders, to December 31, 2013, alibaba group were paid 3.358 billion yuan in cash to the UC, the follow-up will also pay the rest. After the deal, alibaba group, won a total of 66% stake in UC.

alibaba strategic investment after the UC, the two sides cooperate closely, UC this year with alibaba cooperation jointly announced its mobile search – what search engine brand, 30% of the shares of alibaba, UC account for 70% of the shares, a common challenge to baidu.

UC gifted as chairman ucweb CEO has revealed that UC gifted as mobile search business has been in low development within four years, “search” integration of alibaba last year technical team and business, and the original baidu a technical expert team, and have strong support from alibaba chairman jack ma, the future will be with alibaba in the aspect of product, resource for further cooperation.

source: tencent technology jian-ping lei