Ali in hand the nyse, nasdaq is injured

the alibaba group, submit a prospectus to American SEC supplemented documents show the company listed on the New York stock exchange (NYSE) the planned, stock trading code for “BABA”. This means that the nyse and nasdaq the dispute of “fat”, the nasdaq lost again.

the analysis most, alibaba group, the time of listing is likely to set the largest IPO in U.S. history, according to an analyst survey released in April, according to a report is expected to alibaba group’s valuation will be about $168 billion. In terms of the nyse and nasdaq, can strive for ali to join his camp is very shining. Therefore, as early as a few years ago, the nyse and nasdaq began to “suck up”, last year, more frequent contact.

than the nasdaq in recent 40 years history, the nyse older, has been 150 years, is heavily populated by giant company. For any shares in the nasdaq, more impression stays in the small and medium-sized enterprises of science and technology concept, focus on absorption with high growth potential of technology companies, listed companies focused on telecommunications, network, computer and other high growth industry. In recent years, however, the nyse began to attach importance to these stocks, such as 360, jingdong companies have listed on the nyse’s success. In addition, in 2013, a total of 37 science and technology and the Internet companies listed in the United States, there are 22, chose the New York stock exchange.

according to the prospectus shows that alibaba group plans to raise $1 billion to fund the deal. Whereas most analysis thinks, it is only the nominal number, once you start pricing is sure will be increased. Analysts predict that the group will have been in the $15 billion to $20 billion.