Ali investment Singapore postal biggest rival aCommerce gains south-east Asia’s biggest A round of funding

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aCommerce, end-to-end e-commerce logistics service suppliers in southeast Asia, have completed a new round of up to $10.7 million in financing. According to the company, this is by far the Thai startups A round of funding in the largest amount of cases. Not only that, but it is one of south-east Asia’s biggest A round of financing A startup company.

aCommerce regional CEO Paul Srivorakul pointed out the electricity, the logistics industry development of logistics industry in southeast Asia is one of the most challenging industry.

first, diversified distribution channels in the region, the extremely complex market situation. Second, the prevalence rate of low credit card also means that up to 90% of the cash payment on delivery customers in the local market preference.
In spite of this, the logistics industry in southeast Asia the most growth potential of the market.

it is understood that although the southeast of the mobile phone penetration rate is as high as 40%, Internet penetration rate of 25%, to the electronic commerce still account for less than 1% of the total amount of retail market. More, according to a report is expected in 2014 southeast Asian e-commerce market gross about $4.5 billion, and will grow to about $6 billion in 2015.

so, aCommerce with what can control the market this piece of “vast”?

given the complexities of southeast Asia logistics situation, aCommerce to provide clients with a full turnkey solution. It for brands, the user from the front to the back end services. Avoided because of geographical, language, payment method, network development, electricity industry maturity differences, and tedious process. ACommerce also for brands to provide comprehensive and detailed consumer data analysis, so that they targeted on the commodity information, and so on. More it is worth noting that aCommerce also for southeast Asia business internationalization has made great contribution. It invested in customs clearing, FDA certification, local business license, and other aspects, actively promote the electric business transaction is south-east Asia’s “go out and introduced to.”

as a start-up, was established only a year aCommerce currently has four offices respectively located in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. The total number of employees, has grown to 250. ACommerce partner for the first, however, are not small, including the famous Line and the company.

however, is not only aCommerce the great potential of the target market. Southeast Asia electricity in the logistics industry are strong competitors.

alibaba has invested $249 million in Singapore postal, its predecessor for Singapore’s national postal services, but has recently been repositioned to extend logistics network in southeast Asia the entity of profits. “Singapore postal always have more money than we ($3 billion). And our advantage is, more enthusiasm, local experience and high-tech driven, local teams and admission advantage first.” Srivorakul said.

about the topic of “high-tech driven”, it is worth mentioning. Courier through aCommerce application installed on mobile phones, can view real-time optimal routes, timely feedback, and help users with customers at home to complete the payment and settlement, handle customer complaint, and even to return, etc.

partner and one of the founders of stone vc Tom king said in a statement: “within a year, aCommerce has set up a group of cooperation, including from the amazon, walmart, DHL, ebay, apple, oracle, McKinsey, Microsoft, and the rockets to the Internet, and expand into four strong southeast Asia market. With its global experience and local knowledge, we are in the team have done any execution have very confident, and have the ability to become dominant in the region of e-commerce solutions suppliers. Electronic commerce is growing rapidly, and I believe that these guys can effectively make use of this subversive trends around the world.”

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