Ali non-electric UC married, want to do business areas of ecological “chess eye”

(word/qing nan)

UC are merged into the alibaba group, that is, unexpected and understandable!

said surprise is why UC head ucweb CEO last year had been Shouting “not for sale”, insist on independent IPO; Understandable reason is before the deal, ali has hold nearly 66% of the shares in UC.

for the transactions, ucweb CEO is very reluctant to use “for sale” to describe, he gave the reason is that stock replacement is given priority to, their own strategy into the ali group’s highest decision-making team – strategy committee, reporting relationships, partners. UC has also been the calibre of the external publicity for both with ali to chose “convergence”, rather than the acquisition, merger, etc.

a word, the difference between the behind status, or both parties interest is in general. For UC, can more directly grafting ali platform resources to achieve rapid development; For ali, is wholly owned by a super mobile portal.

ali’s new demand

alibaba is in the field of domestic electricity, occupied most of jiangshan. Despite its large number of mobile end products, and the majority of users over hundred million, firmly occupy the mobile end users. Ali gradually from the simple but in the whole electricity system to set up the development of Chinese commercial era of DT data infrastructure of target transformation process, 10 years in succession in the Internet finance, ali cloud, big data, logistics, cultural entertainment, social overall layout, video, etc. Although ali don’t lack of money and he made a lot of investment, but the entrance of the mobile chips, also, especially in the field of electricity.

in the move tool, the browser, search, and app store by the industry recognized as the most valuable three comprehensive mobile portal. In this regard, UC product system has all includes (ali had also have layout, but the effect not beautiful). Despite what search, PP assistant in time is not long position is a bit weak, but in terms of mobile browsers, UC ranked first in the domestic, the second in the mobile phone QQ browser obvious advantages. Besides, UC browser has occupied a certain market share in a foreign country, what search online for more than a month of permeability has gone beyond 20%. Is, therefore, BAT pattern around UC has been the industry known as “variables”.

at the moment, Mr Ma set for ali’s strategy is to “cloud + end”. UC as domestic an important “end” of the mobile Internet has a important role for on ali. From strategic investments in 2009 of the teens, spent 2013 yuan to 2013 points two increase to 66%, and now to purchase all remaining stake. Mr. Ma to UC bet on a larger and larger.

look at jack ma is how to evaluate the UC, the UC as an important variable of the Internet in China today, in the process of continue development reflects the sharp pattern view, powerful strength and excellent ability in developing international, believe that the combination of UC and alibaba will bring more change to industry and imagination.”

ucweb CEO in hunting cloud network and other media interview, according to the time trade negotiation is put forward by jack ma, take the lead in two months ago, his thinking before make a decision. The transactions of UC valuation of more than two 91 wireless (baidu acquisition is us $1.9 billion). Also reports that the UC valuation at about $4 billion.

UC next?

transaction is completed, UC wholly into the alibaba group, and to form a UC mobile business group, ali YuYong blessing served as President of UC mobile business group, into the highest decision-making team – ali ali group group strategy committee (he is the eighth).

the business in addition to the existing group of UC group business team, the future will also integrate ali group and other related business team, is responsible for the business including the browser, search business, LBS business, nine mobile gaming platform, PP mobile application distribution business, love books flag mobile reading service and so on construction and development.

compared with the previous, the biggest change is the new LBS business. According to ucweb CEO, this part is closely related to the mobile search, and integrate the gold business (pending Scott launched formally after delisting). In addition, in the browser, search, etc., a few months before the two sides have been consolidated.

in ucweb CEO’s view, the current ali in the electricity sector lacks a “chess eye” form the ecological cycle. “Investment youku, weibo, can only give commercialization has brought a lot of, but in the business cycle can bring what? At UC in related business on these into an ecological, more business cycle.”

this presupposes that the UC or future products.