Ali pushed to the IOE, could trigger a “domino effect”?

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wave becomes a “pig” on the tuyere, a month, double price.

at the end of may, a message is crazy preach: due to the information security problem, the Chinese government for domestic financial institutions to give up purchasing IBM, collective to domestic. Wave appears to have long known that hurricane coming, the high-profile announced plans to “I2I” to Inspur (IBM), to the positive attack IBM leading high-end server market.

when the popular version of the story in the capital market speculation flying, caixin provoked another technical version of the argument – “ali cloud to IOE,” ali cloud has been to the forefront.

“to the IOE” concept put forward by alibaba jian wang at the earliest. IOE refers to IBM minicomputers, Oracle database and EMC storage device composed of combination of traditional IT. In the practice of the “go to the IOE, ali success at low cost X86 servers, alternative IBM minicomputers, and no longer use EMC storage. The database by the open source OceanBase replace My SQL and the research of database. IT caused enormous shock in the IT industry, make IT understand its cow force. Of course, there are a lot of people think that alibaba is bragging.

for a long time, IOE and other international giants have absolute control, the traditional IT takes billions of dollars in China market share, interests overlap. With the commercialization of ali cloud, alibaba to the industry output ability to the IOE, advocated to abandon physical server, using the Internet cloud computing services.

kill all those selling hardware business, it can play big!!

look “to the IOE” three kinds of technology path:

1. The domestic equipment to replace

from the IOE most dependent on financial institutions, the big Banks is inseparable from the IBM mainframes and minicomputers. As the core system performance and security stability requirement is higher, the big four Banks almost uniformly with IBM. Wave’s main products are low-end X86 servers, and X86 alone cannot meet the demand of the bank core business. Mainframe, domestic no alternatives. Minicomputer, wave K1 is domestic only a breakthrough product, but at present only in the department of the postal savings and a handful of Banks such as CCB xinjiang branch was adopted.

most crucially, IOE monopoly standard for a long time, to provide a complete solution. Even if the wave K1 can replace minicomputers, price advantage is not big, now also could not get the overall solution of form a complete set.

2. The virtualization of private cloud

domestic or foreign. At present most of the so-called cloud computing company, is in a use virtualization technology to the traditional data centers “cloud”, known as “private clouds”. Private cloud vendors to VMware virtual machine software, deployed in enterprise existing or new data center, to provide internal consumption and similar to the cloud service management mode. Such companies generally by hardware company transformation, through the concept of “cloud computing” selling hardware and software, IBM, cisco, HP, oracle, lenovo, huawei, wave cloud computing.

there is no denying the fact that the private cloud and virtualization technology, can to a certain extent, improve the efficiency of the original data center and flexibility, but still need a lot of hardware and software investment and deployment cycle did not significantly reduce, the difficulty of the operations and personnel. In addition, due to the limited hardware resources physical data center, private cloud cannot elastic extension, cannot solve the problems of shortage of resources and a period of time. This way is like to steam trains, with real era of cloud computing train are two different things.

a China mobile IT staff to write the essay, reflects the limitations of the “cloud” :

“as early as five or six years ago, China mobile has set out to study the evolution of computing problem of the business support system. At that time, virtualization technology has been widely used in the system. Virtualization technology can cut large computing resources into small pieces, but the segmentation of computing resources, can rearrange to form new computing power, there are many technical problems need to be solved. If unable to flexible deployment system between the resources in the pool, not only can not reach the purpose of increasing overall efficiency, but can lead to system efficiency reduced.”

3. With cloud computing “to the IOE

cloud computing vendors with low cost at the bottom of the X86 server, deploy decentralized distributed system. The system as a huge “grid”, “power plants” (X86) clusters of different sending a steady stream of computing power to the grid, in theory can be extended unlimitedly. Don’t have to build enterprise data center, but the business system deployment in the cloud, “grid” transmission of computing and storage resources, according to the need of enterprise database also by the cloud computing vendors as a general purpose configuration done. Around the “grid”, a third party solution provider to develop all kinds of the middleware and the template, help enterprises to get software and application development.

to amazon AWS and ali cloud cloud computing vendors, for example. IT from a hardware, software products, has become a Internet services, as needed. Companies don’t have to care about heavy complicated IT operations; Don’t have to buy expensive storage equipment to do data backup; Don’t have to consider different disaster and to set up optical fiber network; Don’t have to buy flow cleaning and firewalls to resist network attack; Don’t worry about hardware, software developers and kidnapping; Don’t want to catch broken head on how much server, will buy to meet business needs two years later.

on “cloud computing to IOE” path of technology, industry criticism mainly focused on three points:

1. Cloud computing stability to meet the requirements of financial institutions (the downtime per year)

this mainly depends on the technical strength of the cloud computing vendors. Experience from North America, has about 200 Banks from mainframes to X86 success. At home, there is no big bank case, but for many small Banks in purchasing ali cloud services.

as for domestic manufacturers of cloud computing technology, take a look at these two sets of data: the current zhongjian four rows of workers and peasants, the processing business is about 100 million a day in 2013, “double a” pay treasure to deal for 188 million pens, relying on ali cloud implements the zero order, zero leakage fault. Celestica fund “to the IOE in ali cloud”, balance the treasure 8 hours before the liquidation time reduced to 30 minutes. Although the two cases is internal customer service, but still to prove that ali cloud performance and stability in the financial business application. Go IOE use cloud computing for big Banks, only time and cognitive problems, not technical problems.

2. Open cloud computing architecture is more likely to be a hacker attack

a lot of people think that the traditional data center is closed, safer than the cloud. This idea is very naive, established the idea that if, unless the data center is an absolute physical isolation. As a matter of fact, today’s civilian facilities already can’t do the absolute physical isolation. If the network attack is a huge battle, is his own security, build a fort or establish joint forces more secure? Cloud computing vendors provide enterprises with a unified security protection, hackers to attack a certain enterprise, without the cloud computing vendors down. Cloud computing is equivalent to put their money in a bank, nature is higher than the home safe security.

if cloud computing is unsafe, why the cia gave orders to the amazon cloud computing, rather than IBM?

3. Cloud computing in the late high operational cost

this is harder to stand. The real cloud computing, hardware, software, security, operational integration, all packaged as a service content. Companies don’t need to care about the problem of IT operations, also need not keep IT staff. From the point of comprehensive cost, the cost of cloud computing solutions, less than a quarter of the traditional IOE solution cost.

“to IOE in cloud computing”, is disruptive to the existing IT interests pattern, once popularized, the story of the entire IT industry have to retell. Ali pushed “to the IOE”, need not the technology bureau, but the interests of the bureau. In accordance with the conventional technique, ali must be exalted skyer, with striking enough social events form a broken. In 2012 “double a”, ali with 2012 transactions to all retail bigwigs having a lesson. Ali cloud need to think about is, what is a “double a” cloud computing?

real “Achilles heel” ali cloud, like at the beginning to do taobao, lies in whether rapid cloud formation of ecological system, even the IOE from competitors into partners. Cloud computing is similar to the power grid of the business, the future must be a dominant, infrastructure is done by a, other manufacturers in the above solutions and software application. Now, standing on the ali cloud camp with neusoft, soft, SAP, and set new students of Shanghai business. But those with amazon’s cloud ecosystem than abroad, also.

to the IOE “domino effect” once started, ali cloud will face a huge challenge, cloud computing solution to the problem of Iass level, Pass and Sass level who’s buying? At present there are 8000 engineers, ali, but even if this number multiplied by 10, and far cannot satisfy the demand.

interestingly, robin li, baidu recently began publicly tell the story of “the new software + data”, the enterprise software market rubbing their hands.

it is said, “go to the IOE” is “killed” in the suit to wear t-shirts. The question now is, wear t-shirts prick silk, willing to stand on the same “revolution” in the trenches?

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