Ali pushing mobile search with UC set up joint venture company

cloud network hunting on Wednesday afternoon report (editor: qing nan)

UC gifted as officially announced its collaboration with the alibaba today what brand of mobile search engine — (sm. Cn). It is understood that alibaba and UC has set up a joint venture, joint development of mobile search business, UC gifted as CTO Liang Jie what search business, will become President.

strategy is proposed in the screen, from mobile browsers, after entering the UC again into a new business.

today, UC gifted as officially enter the mobile search, the joint venture was established with ali to launch a new brand “what” (sm. Cn), UC, CTO Liang Jie will serve as President of mobile search business. This means that the UC will work with companies such as baidu, 360 formally to compete in the search field.

the CEO ucweb CEO the scene revealed that the UC search has actually in internal low-key developed in four years’ time, and integrated the alibaba since last year with technical team and business, as well as one of the original baidu technical experts. “Mr Ma’s support to this, the future will be with alibaba in the aspect of product, resource for further cooperation.”

UC integration is not for the first time in our business with ali. In some time ago just released the PC version of UC browser integration for taobao web browser technology and the team. In addition, ali is also the key shareholders of UC.

in the field of mobile browser foundation after stand firm, why UC mobile search? According to ucweb CEO explanation is mainly based on the following reasons:

1, the global PC industry as a whole in the shift to mobile terminal, due to the mobile terminal, involves the search needs, needs to reconstruct experience, mobile search a demand, as one of the most critical major development opportunities.

2, “browser + search” is a natural combination. Companies such as Google, Microsoft, 360 portfolio of products has provided a reference for the industry. In addition, the browser, search engine, and the content of the third party service pattern between the closed loop can provide users with complete information service. Flow interaction not only, still can use future big data, efficient, accurate delivery service to users. In this regard, UC already had the mobile browser first-mover advantage.

3, UC understand mobile user requirements. In ten years development, focus on solving UC mobile user requirements, design and operation of mobile products with strong accumulation.

data show that UC is currently in the global users has exceeded 500 million, every month on UC browser search volume has more than 6 billion.

at present, what search website in addition to general web search function, what search layout App search, shopping search, search of the novel, a few large vertical. It is understood that what the next step will search online voice search, image search and other new functions.

what official introduction:

What belong to guangzhou what mobile information technology co., LTD., is the focus of the mobile Internet search engine, is committed to create a convenient, quick, open for the user’s mobile search new experiences. What is an entrepreneurial team, by the users of the world’s biggest mobile browser UC gifted as with China’s Internet industry leader alibaba launched, and from Microsoft, Google and baidu, 360 senior employees of IT companies at home and abroad, we firmly believe that the mobile Internet will be able to make the search more wisdom, better life.

in fact, what search before in UC, UC browser has been provided to the baidu search entry. What is released, the expected soon will replace why this entry. On the question of how to see baidu ucweb CEO stressed that baidu is the king in PC search, but mobile search is a new market, right place, right time, and all have, UC to do the best mobile search engine. Ucweb CEO, said in the past 10 years, baidu and UC in product level, there are many open cooperation, he hopes to the future with baidu still can form the benign interaction.

after ali in addition to the huge investment of UC, the two sides have business cooperation.

is the latest example, for the development of UC computer version of the browser, taobao browser team already all into the UC browser, UC browser, head of the computer version of the product research and development, the original alibaba taobao browser shao have stone product chief, said taobao browser in the future will no longer retain independent brand, the future will exist in the form of UC browser page.

in addition, the computer version of UC browser RouRu its investors alibaba electricity factors, such as shopping related functions. This is dependent on the taobao browser team to assist the UC interaction across the screen and shopping experience optimization to make a lot of effort. UC and xiao-peng he said, “the future of cooperation with alibaba will also have more levels, UC browser will in various equipment such as mobile phone, Pad, TV, PC terminal try shopping, payment and the innovation of financial service.”

good relations of cooperation for both sides in mobile search business laid a solid foundation. Ali incoming mobile search will trigger a new round of competition in the industry.