Ali teamed up with Australia post Tmall “overseas online shopping” won the national logistics guarantee

With alipay, alibaba group announced that have cooperation agreement with Australia post, to help more Australian businesses through Tmall selling commodities to Chinese consumers, also let consumers in Australia, including Chinese in Australia can use pay treasure, more convenient purchase products directly from the Tmall taobao. Alibaba group, alipay and Australia post on May 23, a senior executive in alibaba hangzhou xixi park respectively signed the agreement. This is the first important national postal enterprises strategic support ali electricity ecological “tao” in the business.

it also means that alibaba international strategy to complete the important loop: cross-border electronic business logistics, cash flow and combined with national credit endorsement for the Australian postal system, provide consumers with high-quality experience of cross-border consumer services.

after the agreement, Australia will open official in Tmall international postal shops, with its customer resource and national postal reputation for many years, Australia post will attract more Australian retailers and brands into the goods, in Tmall international platform to sell commodities to Chinese consumers. Australia post more Australian sellers also plans to provide reliable and fast third-party transportation services. Consumer can query in Australia post website, tracking buy Tmall international commodity package. The history of more than 200 years of Australia’s most trusted delivery service, continues to explore import and export logistics cooperation with alibaba, speed up “from the factory to the door”.

in the middle of June, the consumer will be able to buy from Australia post 4477 stores to pay treasure to gift CARDS, these stores throughout Australia’s cities and towns. The broad masses of students, overseas Chinese and Australian residents will be able to gift CARDS through paying treasure to pay treasure to prepaid phone, convenient to buy taobao, on the day the cat mass goods, free of cross-border payment cumbersome and expensive.

from alibaba international division general manager said, “we would be glad to see more of Australia brand to join the platform, there is huge demand for Australian goods, Chinese consumers have the Australia post to provide logistics support for the local brand, we hope to be able to meet consumer demand for Australia’s products widely, accelerate logistics speed from the origin to the door of the consumers.”

cross-border electricity business practitioners analysis, folk hai tao, logistics and trust has always been a “pain points” consumers. Logistics requires international collaboration and security, trust need reliable platform for endorsement, this requires agencies to promote power. Today, alibaba and a country’s national postal enterprise cooperation, to complete the integration of logistics, cash flow, can be powerful leverage the purchasing power of consumers in both countries.

China is already Australia’s biggest trading partner. In 2013, the sino-australian trade totalled $150 billion. Compared with offline retail, Tmall as pioneer of innovative business model, shows good at aggregate consumer demand in China, strong ability to buy Australian goods. Deals for Australia earlier this year the special group-buying activities of goods, only 3 days sold 3.5 million yuan worth of goods. Maternal and child supplies, health care products, cosmetics and red wine are Chinese consumers of Australian products.