Alibaba jian wang: every object will be the Internet terminals

recently, director of China entrepreneur club visit hangzhou alibaba communication. Alibaba group CTO jian wang (chief technology officer) to share the future trend, said: what really produce revolution? Every object in the future, you see, will be the end of the Internet.

the following is a jian wang oral:

IT=+ computer + software DT=Internet data

recently Ma Zong speak from IT to DT, from here to start.

computer + software, is the most basic things IT era. In the IT era, the Internet is not its infrastructure, yourself behind closed doors to build a local area network (LAN) can do things, this is essential difference between.

to DT data time, today we speak of e-commerce is, in fact, the Internet business. The Internet is the infrastructure of the country, that is to say you do any thing today, no to the Internet, you must be wrong. The most important thing for the Internet, not software, but the data. Is crucial in the Internet age, the real thing is data.

from IT to DT, I want to change the story to tell.

in the computer age, one of the most famous scholar, Peking University professor wang xuan. He used the computer, all the newspapers in the world today is to take wang xuan technology. Wang xuan is a representative of the IT era, help somebody else printed newspapers, most people just do IT today.

why sina made a very important thing? Because sina know when, who is on the site, saw something, and newspapers are never know. This data is naturally on the sina, rather than like a Gallup to the street to ask what you read.

taobao is a bit more, left buying behavior in taobao, this also is only made a small step. Why the Internet has changed the mobile phone? In fact have mobile phones, also have a smart phone, smart phones now is not the same as previous smartphones place is what? Because the mobile phone is the terminal of the Internet today.

every piece of clothing will be Internet terminal

how much something like a newspaper in the world? Endless. What is the place of real produce revolution? In the future, each kind of manufacturing, you can see every object is the Internet terminals. Every piece of clothes you wear are Internet terminals, the customer as long as you put on your clothes, you know where this dress close basically, what can I do for his body.

this world will become like this, the rest is that you have the courage to admit the reality.

unless? Unless you can from the Internet, but there is no possibility. From the countryside moved to the city buildings you don’t know how to sacrifice the fresh air and freedom, it’s just you are willing to move to the city.

the really big data challenge you courage, you don’t know what are you going to do, but the computer tells you what to do, and then you to prove that the machine is right. Not you have an idea, then find a pile of data to prove that you are right. It is a mental challenge.

not worn out big data that is “local tyrants”

some enterprises said data to backup it to tape up, when in fact you do this, the company is to be without hope into data. This data died, no one else is willing to get the data on the tape on the computer. This means you get a bottle of wine, buried in 50 years, always have no way to drink this bottle of wine.

the data is not as big and create value, there are big data didn’t work out that is “active”. A very small data, can produce very big value for on the Internet. Me the most simple example, we know that this thing was MAO relationship with Google map, do before Google maps don’t know how many of the company, with the most familiar Microsoft, Microsoft is the best of the past making maps in the disc company, but today you see it is not competitive. This is a bit like you open a shop selling below the line, the map is not online, is on the CD. Google to do only one thing, the family of data put on the Internet, the whole world is using Google maps. Google first day just belong to everyone in the world of information index and did a service on line, becomes such a company. We think Google first day there is something that everyone has, took a crawler is to climb these sites, the only thing that people don’t have is its ability to calculate, today we had ali cloud that cloud computing.

data: the value of the telescope and microscope and radar

in the history of human development at least three things very cow force. The first is the telescope. We don’t know what the universe, with the telescope, look look east, west, just know the universe is like this. Actually data is such a thing, you don’t know what the Internet is like today, do you want to show the data look east, west, just know this thing. The data is to help you out of question to ask before.

the second is the microscope. Before you do not know in such a big living here, there is a lively world than our world. If use the Internet, for example, everyone with the mouse, the mouse is the most basic is to press, there is a click. In the era of software for Microsoft, the click is a lifeless things, there is no value. To the Internet, the click, which is the data to the Internet, Google just to took a look, whether this click on the following intention of anyone inside, it saw the vitality, click a the most worthless thing in the world, has become a very valuable things, this is the Internet advertising model. Data to let everyone see and intuition to the naked eye can not see things, this is the role of microscope.

the third thing is radar. Britons without radar, the British Isles untenable, better than the germans at that time the only British place is its radar, such a small air force, when the German air force is going to fly to the UK, it will take off in the air force, so radar just help you to know that for a few minutes earlier than others, you’ve got great opportunity. Data is also help you to know that “a few minutes earlier than others. For instance you do market research, the clothes are sold, also do market research? It is no use, the plane has been to your head.