Alipay, banned the COINS: top-up code taobao shop or been banned

on April 26, hunting cloud network

pay treasure, as it made clear does not provide top-up for virtual currency such as COINS and withdrawal services, are not allowed through the pay treasure to buy or sell top-up code related transactions. COINS company will in transfers of funds without channel of trouble.

alipay said in a statement: “from now on, any organizations and individuals to all kinds of service payment may not be used for the currency, Wright currency trading capital top-up and withdrawal, purchase and sales related transactions top-up code and other activities, shall not transfer deals fund through my company service. Once found, our company has the right to immediately stop the service.”

at present, due to the third-party payment of prepaid phone channels have been banned, the major domestic currency trading platform – the currency of China and the OKCoin and fire network mainly provide two yuan top-up ways: one is the bank transfer, the second is the rubber hand online channels, sales of prepaid phone code. Pay treasure to the stop, may affect a way after.

the other, according to media reports on the morning of April 24, the central bank questioning part of commercial Banks and third-party payment mechanism, the next stage of the currency risk prevention and control work, want to completely cut off the currency trading capital chain.

, according to people familiar with the subject of questioning including still associated with currency trading of commercial Banks and third-party payment institution, not less than 20 companies, including the major commercial Banks, large payment institutions such as pay-and-escrow, pre-production and involved with fire currency net top-up code breeds, yeepay payment, etc.

it is reported that the central bank requires commercial Banks and third-party payment institutions May 10, in “Beijing COINS international summit” before the meeting, to convey to the public its no longer provide any currency trading financial service attitude, guide people to stay away from the currency trading. Alipay announced last night to block the currency, is likely to be grasp the regulation of the central bank.

alipay says, is clear up the shop selling the currency trading platform top-up code, after thorough check will be banned.

the bank can’t transfer, the third party payment cannot turn, the currency market face unable to transfer funds.