Amazon credit card swipe, so he did

this inventory copies of documents to the 9 to 5 provides unpublished products “amazon reader” message. This product $9.99, according to the site, or sale on August 12.

on Wednesday, Amazon had launched its own credit card charge is Amazon Local Register, further to the offline market expansion.

Amazon the point of sale system is called “the Amazon Local Register”, $10, will compete with Square and PayPal rivals such as formation. With Square 2.75% and PayPal Here, compared to 2.7% commission on amazon from each transaction fees charged by the lowest, only 1.75%. The move aims to attract more small businesses use the system.

1.75% of the charge standard is limited to January 1, 2016, after will increase to 2.5%, but still below the standard Square and PayPal. The personage inside course of study, said the move would give amazon about American consumers offline consumption data. According to government data in the United States, the United States more than 90% of the retail still happen in the real store.

amazon has launched the Fire for Android, iOS, and amazon mobile collection software. Currently, Amazon Local Register is limited to use in the United States, but believe that will soon be into other markets.